Hospital Playlist episode 9 recap; episode 10 spoilers and live stream details

Ahn Jeong Won was not really happy to see Jang Gyeo Wool with another guy in Hospital Playlist episode 9 and Lee Ik Joon will notice his friend's unhappiness in episode 10.

Hospital Play episode 9 featured the pain of a helpless father, immature love between two teenagers and the struggles of old parents. Episode 10 of the tvN medical drama will focus on office politics, complicated surgeries and some unexpected plot twists. The episode is scheduled to air on tvN next Thursday, May 14, at 9pm KST.

As expected, the new episode did not begin with the scene Yang Seok Hyeong's mother being admitted to the emergency ward. She was already shifted to the VIP room by the time the show returned with its ninth episode. The focus of this week was the pain of a helpless father, who was unable to donate his liver to the sick daughter.

A stubborn father and a helpless surgeon

The episode began with a close-up shot of an old man, who was taking his anger out on the nursing staff for not taking good care of his daughter. Upon hearing the noise, Lee Ik Joon reached out to help the medical staff and he calmly took the old man away for a talk. The surgeon informed the guardian that his daughter Oh Yu Min needed to get her liver transplanted as soon as possible and they were waiting for a brain death donor.

When Oh Yu Min's father asked Lee Ik Joon why he was not an eligible donor, the surgeon informed him that he was too old to donate his liver and another major problem was that he had a fatty liver. After his discussions with the surgeon, the guardian disappeared from the hospital and the condition of his daughter got worse.

Lee Ik Joon and the other staff members in the department thought the father had lost his hope and he might never return to the hospital again. But to their surprise, Oh Yu Min's father came back to the hospital with a new look. He informed the surgeon that he had to hire a personal trainer and do a lot of hard work to become fit. The guardian then asked the surgeon if he was still not an eligible donor and the surgeon assured him that he would do his best to help Oh Yu Min lead a normal life.

When an intern makes a big mistake

Hospital Playlist episode 9
Chae Song Hwa may get into into trouble in Hospital Playlist episode 9. YouTube/Screenshot

In the meantime, Chae Song Hwa was getting ready for a surgery and she asked the residents to prepare the patient quickly. Since Yong Seok Min got an emergency call from the in-patient ward, he asked Ahn Chi Young to take care of the situation. While getting things ready for the surgery, Ahn Chi Young asked intern Seong Yeong to shave the necessary area on the patient's head and the intern made the patient completely bald.

Chae Song Hwa initially did not know how to handle the situation and it took some time for her to talk to the patient's guardian. She apologised to the young man and his parents for the intern's mistake. The surgeon also assured them that his surgery was not a complicated one and it would not take much time. The patient and his parents were really happy to hear that and they said they were ok with the new look.

The complicated relationship of Ahn Jeong Won and Jang Gyeo Wool

Hospital Playlist

Ahn Jeong Won never showed any interest in Jang Gyeo Wool and he was always very cold to her. But he did not seem to be really happy to see her with another man. The paediatric surgeon was surprised to see the resident coming out of a luxury car driven by a young, handsome man. Though he did not say anything to her, his facial expressions were speaking for him.

Ahn Jeong Won's mother, Jeong Ro Sa, also went through a hard time because of her son and she discussed about it with Yang Seok Hyeong's mother Jo Young Hee in the VIP room. Meanwhile, Jo Young Hee informed Jeong Ro Sa that she had finally sent divorce papers to her husband and Jo Jung Su struggled with his loneliness since his children were too busy to spend time with him.

The ninth episode of Hospital Ship also introduced to viewers a new side of intern Jang Yoon Bok, who was seen fighting with her boyfriend after work. At the same time, Lee Ik Soon was discussing her future with Kim Jun Wan and they enjoyed some quality time together.

Hospital Playlist

Hospital Playlist episode 10 spoilers and live stream details

One thing viewers are really curious to know after watching episode 9 is that if the complicated relationship between Ahn Jeong Won and Jang Gyeo Wool will ever change to a never-ending romance in the upcoming weeks. The promo of Hospital Playlist episode 10 has left a lot of hints for viewers about how this relationship between a senior surgeon and the resident is set to take a surprise turn next week.

The promo video also shows Ju Jong Su and Ju Jeon struggling with some administrative problems while Kim Jun Wan and Yang Seok Hyeong gets ready for complicated surgeries. The short clip then shows Cheon Myeong Tae leaving a patient to die because the patient does not want him to do the surgery.

To know more about the upcoming episode, the series' followers will have to tune into tvN next Thursday, May 14, at 9 pm KST. Until then, catch up with the first nine episodes of the medical drama online on the official website of tvN.

Watch the promo for next week below: