Horrifying Video Shows People Lying Dead Inside Boulder Supermarket after Mass Shooting

One of the videos, which was taken by Dean Schiller, is part of a longer live stream that he took as the shooting progressed and police arrived.

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A video taken by an eyewitness to the Boulder, Colorado, supermarket shooting shows people lying on the ground inside and outside the store, amid sounds of gunshots. The chilling video shows people lying in pool of blood and yelling. While some of them are dead, many are injured and shouting for help.

Another video shows police rushing inside the store after the shooting and trying to evacuate people as they are clueless about what to do. The harrowing videos have made their way to the social media and have since gone viral. Police have already arrested the suspect but hasn't released his name. Also, the motive behind the mass shooting is still unknown.

Chilling Scenes

Boulder shooting suspect
A maskless man being escorted by officers in handcuffs. Twitter

The video, which was taken by Dean Schiller, is part of a longer live stream that he took as the shooting progressed and police arrived. In the short video, Schiller can be heard calling out saying that people need to call 911 as the gunman open fires.

Shots can be heard in the background but Schiller while doing the live stream still wasn't sure at that time if there was a gunman involved in the shooting. "We don't know if there's a shooter — active shooter, active shooter somewhere," Schiller said in the video.

Schiller is heard on the video asking what appears to be a store employee whether a shooter went into the store. The panicked store employee can be heard saying: "Yeah, he went in there. "He went in the store?" Schiller asked. "He went right down there," the man responds.

A shocked Schiller then reacts: "Oh my god. People we got people down inside Kings Soopers. Look there's...," but doesn't finish his sentence as two more gunshots are heard.

Blood All Over

The video which was shot inside the store shows people lying on the ground as they bleed. One long shot of the video shows a person lying dead near the parking lot, which means the gunman went all over the supermarket firing multiple rounds in the random attack.

One video posted on YouTube shows one person on the floor inside the King Soopers store and two more outside on the ground, but the extent of their injuries wasn't clear. Some windows at the front of the store are seen broken. At one point, officers over a loudspeaker can be heard saying that the building was surrounded and that "you need to surrender" to the suspect who was still inside the building at that time.

Yet another video posted on YouTube shows law enforcement vehicles and officers gathering outside the store, including SWAT teams, and at least three helicopters landing on the roof in the city that's home to the University of Colorado and is about 25 miles northwest of Denver.