Horrifying Audio Captures Plight of Woman Trapped in Collapsed Kentucky Candle Factory During Tornado

A Facebook video, filmed largely in dark captured a woman crying for help trapped in a collapsed candle factory in Kentucky during the Tornado.

A deadly quad-state tornado storm hit America on Friday, December 10 night causing severe damage to properties. Reports of people trapped under buildings collapsed during the tornado emerged from multiple states including Illinois and Kentucky. At least 100 employees were trapped at a collapsed Amazon warehouse in Illinois due to the storm. A disturbing Facebook video posted from inside a Kentucky candle factory showed the horror of those trapped in the debris of the collapsed building.

The video, credited to Kyanna Lou, lasted for about 1 minute and 41 seconds. The video was mostly filmed in complete darkness and multiple crying voices, possibly of the trapped candle factory workers could be heard in the background, as they begged for help after the candle factory was struck by the tornado.

"I don't know who's watching, we got hit by a hurricane. I'm at work in Mayfield and we are trapped," a woman is heard saying in the video. She then begged people to provide help in the Mayfield candle factory. "Somebody please send us some help, we are trapped," she said.

Kyanna Lou in the video
Kyanna Lou in the video Screen grab - Facebook

'The wall is stuck on me'

The woman, giving further details of the people trapped in the building, explained that the wall is stuck on her, no one can reach them and they can't move. She then told someone in the vicinity to 'calm down' before continuing. "A tornado... and the building fell. We were all in the safe shelter place. The whole building fell. We are stuck," she is heard saying.

'The entire building is gone'

A storm watcher, Chris Jackson notified on Twitter that fire personnel had arrived at the said candle factory before 1 am. He informed that the Tornado tore through a 120,000 sq ft building and dusted it to the ground. "There is at least 1 vehicle sitting in what used to be the middle of the building," he tweeted.

No deaths were reported in Mayfield as of midnight because of the Tornado, however, Kentucky police have said loss of life is 'expected.'

This article was first published on December 11, 2021