Hong Kong law firm, which rolled out Darktrace AI, believes in tackling new cybersecurity issues

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Cyber Security has become one of the most challenging practices in today's world. Experts have already mentioned that the cyber-attacks which target business organizations, usually take advantage of poor security practices by IT teams such as poor authentication, default passwords, and phishing and social engineering.

Recently one of the Hong Kong's largest local law firm, ONC Lawyers, has decided to deploy the cyber AI platform of Darktrace, a cyber AI company to defend sensitive client information.

 Ann Chung from ONC Lawyers
Ann Chung from ONC Lawyers

The General Manager at ONC Lawyers, Ann Chung told IBTimes Singapore that in terms of the digital protection the law firm had basic firewalls, VPN network, isolated WiFi networks and messaging gateway as well as a security team of three members.

She said, "We were able to identify known threats but had issues detecting never-before-seen attacks, containing machine speed ransomware, and insider threats."

Since hackers have become more sophisticated in evolving and developing new types of cyber-attacks, the law firm understood the importance of keeping up with the evolution of cybersecurity.

"Attacks are moving at machine speeds, and a solution capable of taking intelligent action to contain the threat within seconds is crucial in this next era of defence," she said.

An incident similar to a ransomware attack 1-2 years ago surprised the law firm and even after the IT team recovered the data without paying a ransom, they decided to implement a stronger system, so the firm selected Darktrace.

While talking about their new security partner, Chung said that its cyber AI platform, "capable of the understanding user and device behaviour is crucial in pointing out anomalies in a swarm of network activity."

"Especially for law firms like us, who work with plenty of sensitive information, we trust Darktrace's cyber AI in detecting and responding to threats in a matter of seconds, protecting our data against persistent cyber-attacks," she added.

Chung also believes that Darktrace's cyber AI uses unsupervised machine learning to pick up anomalies indicative of a threat and since it reduces human effort on keeping up to date with new viruses and patches, "we now have a peace of mind that the technology is doing the heavy lifting on our behalf."

However, she also suggested that even though in following cybersecurity measures actually depends on the size of other firms and the resources, it should be noted that "AI has fast become our most fundamental ally in the battle against an ever-evolving adversary."

This article was first published on August 20, 2019
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