Hometown Cha Cha Cha Episode 7 Recap; Episode 8 Spoilers and Live Stream Details

Hometown Cha Cha Cha episode 7 featured the love triangle between Hong Doo Shik, Yoon Hye Jin, and Ji Seong Hyun. The next chapter will probably feature the change in the relationship between these three central characters. The mini-series will return with a new episode on tvN Sunday at 9 pm KST.

Chief Hong became a secret admirer of the dentist at first sight, and he may not think of losing her to someone. But in the latest chapter, the television producer indirectly admitted to Hong that he is in love with her. Will it mark the beginning of a rivalry between the two characters? The promo for episode 8 shows Hye Jin trying to clear the misunderstanding that chief Hong had about her relationship with Seong Hyun.

The short clip shows the dentist telling Hong that the television producer is just her close friend. He is just taking care of her as a good friend, and he does not have any bad intentions. But Doo Shik does not seem to think the same way. He knows that the producer has his way of getting things done, and he has been successful.

Hometown Cha Cha Cha
Ji Seong Hyun surprisingly looks at Hong Doo Shik in Hometown Cha Cha Cha episode 6. YouTube/Screenshot

Ji Seung Hyun Gets Close to Grandma Kim Gam Ri

The television producer approached halmeoni Gam Ri to allow him to use her house for shooting purposes. But she refused to help him out and told him not to disturb her again. Being an adamant sold woman, he knew that it was not easy to convince her. So, he tried various ways to win her without letting her know that he had not given up on the idea of using her house for filming his program.

At first, he tried to fill up the emptiness in her life by visiting her frequently and helping her in many ways. Then, he brought his friend June to her place and spent time with her. He quickly got close to her, and she decided to her house for his work. Chief Hong was surprised when he heard her decision. But he now knows that Seung Hyun is good at getting things done.

Is Ji Seung Hyun a Secret Admirer of Yoon Hye Jin?

Doo Shik got worried after finding out that Seung Hyun is interested in Hye Jin. While talking to Hong at the grandma's house, the producer tried to know if the dentist was in a romantic relationship. When Hong replied that she was still single, he said he was relieved to hear it. His reply indicated that he was looking forward to a romantic relationship with Hye Jin and worried Hong. K-drama fans will get to know more about this love triangle in the upcoming episode.

The promo for episode 8 shows Seung Hyun trying to get closer to Hye Jin, and Doo Shik wanted to find out what is going on between the two. The footage also shows the dentist getting closer to Chief Hong and enjoying time with him. It seems that Seung Hyun's presence might affect the relationship between Hye Jin and Doo Shik.

Hometown Cha Cha Cha
Hong Doo Shik, Yoon Hye Jin, and Ji Seong Hyun gets entangled in a love triangle in Hometown Cha Cha Cha episode 5. YouTube/Screenshot

How to Watch tvN Drama Online?

Hometown Cha Cha Cha episode 7 also featured a meeting between June and Oh Ju Ri. It also revealed the backstory of Chang Yeong Guk, Yeo Hwa Jeong, and Yu Cho Hui. The school teacher stayed at the restaurant owner's house some years ago, and that's when her ex-husband met her.

In the upcoming chapter, K-drama fans will get to know more about their relationship. The chapter might also feature the blossoming romance between Ju Ri and June. To find out more about the people in Gongjin village, tune in to tvN on Sunday at 9 pm KST.

Watch Hometown Cha Cha Cha episode 8 on September 19 at 9 pm KST. The chapter will be available with subtitles online here.