The hide replies feature on Twitter is now rolling out globally

Twitter has finally started to roll out the 'Hide Replies' feature globally for iOS, Android, and web users.

A new feature is now rolling out on Twitter, which will make it easier for users to hide replies to their tweets. The company wants to make sure that its users feel comfortable when sending out tweets and have the choice to hide the replies that they do not want others to read. Therefore, Twitter is now adding a new Hide Reply feature to tweets on all platforms.

Hide tweets on iOS, Android and Twitter Lite app

Users can hide tweets on the iOS, Android, and the Twitter Lite app. They can also do so from the on any browser. The feature offers users more control over the conversations they have on the platform. Of course, if someone replies with misinformation or is being annoying or spreading hate on a thread, the Tweet owner can simply hide those tweets. Of course, the tweets aren't deleted, but they can help in changing the flow of the thread.

Twitter users can now hide replies.

Twitter conducted tests to see how people use the hide tweets feature and received a lot of feedback. The testing began in September this year and users in the United States, Canada, and Japan, were able to hide replies on their tweets. The company found that it was a much more easier way to manage a conversation.

It's very easy now

Hiding a tweet on Twitter is very easy and anyone can do it. If the user finds a reply annoying or irrelevant, then they can simply hide it from view. The tweet can still be viewed by anyone by tapping on the grey icon on the thread. So yes, the entire conversation can be seen by others, including the hidden tweets.

During the tests conducted by Twitter, users mostly used the feature when the replies included off-topic and irrelevant points or comments. Some users also used the hide replies option to hide annoying users. The company also noticed that most public figures did not choose to use the feature as often as others.

Twitter logo
Twitter logo. (Photo: Twitter/@Twitter) IANS

Twitter will also allow users to take further action after hiding a reply. For example, if the user wants to block the replier, they can contact Twitter and the company will look into it.