Here's why Goblin fans are upset with new version of intro song 'Round and Round'

A fan even made his own own full version of the intro song by using only Sooji's vocals and it got some 2 million views.

Goblin cast
Cast of tvN drama 'Goblin.'

As the tvN drama 'Goblin' wrapped up with its episode 16 being aired on January 21, fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of Goblin OST. However, instead of being happy and excited, the release of the intro song, "Round and Round", which is a part of the album, has made the fans upset and angry.

According to Koreaboo, "On January 20, CJ Entertainment released part 14 of the Goblin official soundtrack. The much-anticipated single, "Round and Round", was revealed to be the full version of the show's intro song and expectations were high among fans."

Well, unfortunately it did not meet the excitement of the fans. Fans expected it to be a continuation of the alto, Han Sooji's mellow voice who is the original singer and is heard in the intro of the drama. Instead, it turned out to be an entirely different track sung mainly by Heize. Heize's voice has been considered to be CJ Entertainment's an unnecessary marketing gimmick to add one more star to the Goblin OST.

Not only the intro song made the fans upset but the fact that Han Sooji only received a featuring credit in the title. Though, Han Sooji was the original singer and the most predominant vocal in the song.

Koreaboo reported, "After the first 50 seconds of the song, (in which Sooji sings all by herself), you can hear her vocals mixed in with Heize's throughout the rest of the song."

'Goblin' fans have been eagerly waiting for the OST and especially the intro song as it is so attached to viewers. The intro song was played in the drama during various important scenes, making it one of the most popular soundtracks.

It is so special to the viewers that one fan even made their own full versions of the intro song by using only Sooji's vocals and it got some 2 million views.

Here is the fan made version of the song:

This article was first published on January 26, 2017