Here's what Blackpink's Rose Eats Before Setting the Stage on Fire

Blackpink's Rose has revealed the food that she eats before taking the stage for a performance. She has opened up on it on SBS's My Little Old Boy.

Blackpink Rose
Blackpink's Rose. Instagram

Wonder what she has before her performance? People might be surprised to know that the 24-year old eat rice before setting the stage on fire. "This is a must. If I do not eat rice, I can't finish the performance. The arm loses strength, and it becomes like seaweed. I tried to eat just bread, but it doesn't work the same." she is quoted as saying on SBS' My Little Old Boy by KpopStarz.

Tteokbokki and Yeoptteok
In the same show, cast members Lee Sang Min and Oh Min Seok were seen munching tteokbokki, popular street food in South Korea. Rose claimed that she likes it very much and yeoptteok is her favourite brand.

Nonetheless, Rose said that she does not like spicy food and she separates rice and sauce while having tteokbokki. Rose pointed out that she does not worry about putting on weight when munching it.

Shin Dong Yeop wondered how she maintains a slim figure despite having heavy food. "Do you digest well? Do you go to the bathroom often?" he asked her on the lighter note.

It is believed that Rose keeps herself busy with activities over 12 hours in a day and this is said to be the reason why she is not gaining weight.

South Korean popular girl band BLACKPINK will organize their first online concert on December 27. Netflix

On the Ground
Meanwhile, Rose has made her solo debut with her album R. The video of the lead track from the album, On the Ground, was unveiled on YouYube on 12 March. Upon release, it topped iTunes charts in over 50 countries.

On Youtube, in one day alone it amassed over 39 million views and so far garnered over 81 million. The video has got 6.7 million likes with 72,000 dislikes. Last but not the least, it has got over 14 lakh comments by the time this story went for publishing.