Here's how black holes cause time travel

black holes

A researcher explained how time would be distorted inside a black hole. According to the researcher, entering a black hole would be like traveling through time.

When it comes to space and time travel, many believe that this idea can be achieved through dilation. The concept of time dilation refers to the different times measured by two clocks if one of these devices is on Earth and the other one is on a spaceship.

As the spaceship carrying one of the clocks moves at light speed, time here would appear to be much slower compared to the time measured by the clock on Earth. Theoretically, the same phenomenon would occur if the same spaceship enters a black hole.

In a post on Quora, researchers Atharva Palshetkar of the CTES College in India explained that for the spaceship in the black hole, time would appear to be moving at a normal pace. However, looking outside the black hole from within would reveal that time is actually moving at a much faster rate.

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"Now if someone was supposed to see you falling down a black hole, he would see you going slower and slower, taking weeks, years and even decades, until you reach a point where light can't escape the black hole's event horizon," Palshetkar explained.

"Meanwhile, while you enter the black hole everything you see outside will begin to speed up outside," he continued. "Your family, kids, grandkids, hundreds of generations will rise and fall in just matters of minutes or hours."

According to Palshetkar, those inside the black hole will eventually get to witness billions of years pass by on the outside without getting affected since, in their current state, time is still moving at a regular pace.

Of course, Palshetkar's explanation of how black holes cause time travel is just a theory. Due to several factors, not much is known about the nature of black holes. For one, it is also impossible to visit a black hole to study it since the nearest one over 6,500 light-years from Earth. In addition, scientists have already stated that humans will most likely not survive if they get sucked into a black hole.

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This article was first published on September 18, 2019
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