Here is what you can do if you couldn't pre-order Nintendo mini SNES Classic Edition

The pre-order went live yesterday and while only a few could actually place the order, many more remained disappointed


Aug 22 was the much-anticipated day when we had an opportunity to pre-order Nintendo's retro mini SNES Classic Edition. However, it turned into a day of frustration rather than celebration, several people couldn't place the order, at the time when the pre-order session was live. Only a lucky few and some eBay scalpers were able to get their hands on one of those classic gaming console units. However, get yourself together and follow the lead here to get over the frustration.

As we know, numerous potential customers shared their experience of pre-ordering the mini SNES Classic Edition of Nintendo. They all went on the websites, such as Target and ThinkGeek, added a SNES to their carts, filled out all the required information, only to be told that the item was sold out.

Even worse, some retailers like Amazon and Best Buy opened the pre-order in the middle of the night and as a result, the nocturnal souls got rewarded, while those, who appreciate a healthy living and sleep at night were deprived of the opportunity.

So, here are five tips (via Forbes) for those of you, who missed the pre-order today. It will make you feel a little better or who knows, may be a lot:

Rant about it on social media

To be honest, while some people find it lame, admit it its kind of relieving to rant about it out on social media. Have you gone to Twitter yet? You will totally feel happy to see so many frustrated souls like you cursing and abusing Nintendo. Do it. Take part and you will feel better. If not, at least go through the tweets, it's really fun. Check out some of them here:


First, we get frustrated, then angry, then irritated and, then comes the best part, realization. Just sit back on your couch and think, how much money you have just saved by not being able to pre-order the Nintendo mini SNES Classic Edition. To be honest, a lot. You could now buy that vaccum cleaner that you have kept in the wishlist for so long and waiting for the discount. Come on, you can do better.

Jim Sterling

Ok. This is actually very helpful. Go to YouTube and watch Jim Sterling's take on the NES mini from last year. The YouTuber and critic has raised some really significant question as to what are the exact values of these kinds of retro consoles, emulators and the likes of it. It will do wonders to your dull mood. Just go!

Jim Sterling

Last but not the least

I know you are sad, heart broken. You must love those Nintendo retro games like the other fans. But you have come a long way and there are plenty of new games awaiting your presence. Play some new games and have some real fun. For example, you can very well play Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze or The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We can't deny that Nintendo has got a pretty awesome lineup here too. There are plenty of mobile games and indie games too. Old is gold, but there are so many titles on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, your phone or PC. Enjoy yourself and what could be a good distraction than playing these amazing games?

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Curse and blame Nintendo and all the other people and things around you as much as you can, go to the retailers' websites and refresh the page as much you like or you can even go and stand in the line at the places where Nintendo SNES mini will finally be launched on September 29th, but do you want to go through all these miseries? Sometimes, you just have to let it go. Get over it already and smile.

This article was first published on August 23, 2017