Here Is What Maximus the Horse Busy With Post Lee Min Ho Starrer The King: Eternal Monarch

The real name of Maximus is Benjamin, Maximus is a celebrity who has appeared in TV commercials, albums, variety shows

Maximus was showered with as much love as Lee Min Ho was praised in the drama The King: Eternal Monarch (TKEM). The elegant white horse was already a celebrity before working in the drama. Here is all about Maximus, the handsome horse that stole millions of hearts.

The real name of Maximus (as known in the drama TKEM) is Benjamin. It is a trained horse and has acted in many reality shows and albums. But its popularity shot to its peak after it appeared as Maximus, Emperor Lee Gon's horse that got quite an impressive screen space in the drama TKEM.

Maximus is a Celebrity

Benjamin with Dok2
Benjamin with rapper Dok2 in his album Show Me The Money. Instagram

Benjamin is trained by the center of Kims Horse in South Korea. Even the horse used by Captain Jo Young (played by Woo Do Hwan) is also trained at Kims Horse. Benjamin or Maximus has also played its roles perfectly in various TV commercials including KT Olleh.

Benjamin was also seen in the album Show Me The Money with the rapper Dok2. Benjamin was also featured in the variety show Will We Love Again 2. Reports claimed that Benjamin is likely to appear in a JTBC drama soon after completion of The King: Eternal Monarch. However, there are no updates in this regard yet. The latest stint by Benjamin after The King: Eternal Monarch was one of the most popular albums of TWICE, More & More. In the album too Benjamin looked as elegant and cute as in the drama.

Lee Min Ho's Love for Maximus

Lee Min Ho With Maximus
An image of Lee Min Ho with his horse Maximus from the drama The King: Eternal Monarch. Instagram

The photos and images from the sets of The King: Eternal Monarch show how Benjamin known in the drama as Maximus bonded with Lee Min Ho. The actor was seen feeding the horse, talking to it, and always asking Maximus whether it is ok. While, it looked like Maximus always wanted to be by the side of Min Ho and even during takes was seen running or walking towards Min Ho, making the actors burst out in laughter and gear up for a retake.

Min Ho too showered his love on Benjamin. On May 25, Kim's Horse posted a picture of gifts sent by Min Ho to Benjamin. Min Ho had sent a bouquet with the text "Maximus you've worked hard - by actor Lee Min Ho" along with bananas, apples, carrots, and more food items that are loved by Benjamin.