Here is how to check which apps are not compatible with iOS 11

Before going for the iOS 11 on your Apple devices, you can check which of your apps will not be available anymore once the update is installed

Receiving a new firmware update on your phone is definitely a moment excitement and if the update is iOS 11 for the Apple device owners, they have every right to be thrilled as the new updated version of the iOS brings in a bunch of advanced technologies and features to the devices.

The update brings in some under-the-hood changes, which would pave the way for ARKit, Apple's new augmented reality framework and some apps have already upgraded their platforms to support the new AR features. However, before you go on to grab the iOS 11; it's worth checking which apps are not compatible with the updated operating system and, therefore, are going straight to the digital dustbin of history.

Flappy Bird? Yes, finally it's time to bid goodbye to the game, which was so addictive that the creator had to take it back and terminate it at the peak of its popularity and demand.

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If you want to check which of your existing apps are not compatible with iOS 11, you can simply follow these steps. Go to Settings > General > About > Applications and here you will be able to see the list of those apps that aren't going to survive the transition, at least not until their developers fix compatibility issues with a future update.

If you don't see any app in the list that means you don't have any 32-bit app on your iPhone or iPad that is being terminated due to incompatibility issues.