Heartbroken Chinese Woman Sends 1,000 Kg of Onions to Cheating Ex to Make Him Cry

The epic break-up saga went viral on Chinese social media site Weibo, garnering more than 150 million views.

Nobody said breakups are easy. The heartbreak usually follows a stream of tears. But, to ensure that your ex too feels the same, one often must resort to extreme measures. A heartbroken Chinese woman sent 2,200 pounds of onions to her ex-boyfriend to make him cry.

Chinese woman onion
Man looks at the onions sent by his ex-girlfriend. Twitter

The bizarre incident took place on May 16 in Shandong, China. The pictures of the ex-boyfriend looking quizzically at the sacks of onion dumped in front of his home have gone viral on the social media.

I've Cried for Three Days, Now It's Your Turn

A report published on Mothership stated that a delivery man found the weird order addressed to a residential address in Shandong province. Despite calling the number provided on the receipt, the receiver did not pick up the call, the publication reported. The onions were finally left outside the house of the ex-boyfriend.

Chinese woman onion

The note which accompanied the delivery read: "I cried for three days, now it's your turn!"

Chinese media Passion News reported that the woman, identified as Zhao, said that she caught her boyfriend cheating with another woman. The publication quoted the audio clip of the woman: "I accidentally found out that he had been chatting with other women on his phone. So I knew he wasn't being faithful."

"I heard from his friends that even after breaking up, he wasn't upset... I was at home crying for three days. I felt miserable. I wanted to give him a taste of my sadness. So I sent him a ton of onions to his house, to let him know what it feels like to cry," said Zhao.

Ex-boyfriend Asks Whether Guys Should Cry After Break-up

According to the report, the delivery man had to make 40 trips to deliver the entire consignment. Speaking to Passion News, the ex-boyfriend expressed his ignorance over the rule pertaining to break-up.

"This ex-girlfriend of mine is really something. After we broke up, she kept telling everyone that I did not shed a single tear. You mean that guys must cry after a breakup?" he said.

The epic break-up saga that went viral on Weibo, the Chinese social media site, crossed over 150 million views. One of the users commented: "If that were me, I would turn around and sell [the onions]." Asia One reported that Zhao's ex-boyfriend resold the onions for 1000 yuan (US$140).

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