Hawaii Man Charged with Murdering Wife's Acupuncturist After Finding Out About Their Affair

A Honolulu man has been accused of murdering his wife's acupuncturist with whom she was having an affair.

Eric Thompson, 34, is charged with second degree murder, according to court documents. He is also charged with carrying a firearm in commission of a separate felony. Records show that Thompson posted the $1 million dollar bond on Monday, the same day he was arrested.

Police Matched DNA After Thompson Dropped Hat at Crime Scene

Eric Thompson and Jon Tokuhara
Eric Thompson (left) and Jon Tokuhara Twitter

Thompson allegedly killed Jon Tokuhara, 47, in January, according to local news outlet Hawaii News Now. Tokuhara's mother found her son shot to death inside his acupuncture clinic on Jan. 12. Police reportedly used surveillance video to identify Thompson's truck and linked him to the murder scene.

On Jan. 12, Thompson allegedly walked into Tokuhara Acupuncture and Healthcare at around 6:15 p.m. Investigators said that security cameras showed that Thompson was inside the business for only around 45 seconds, according to the television newsroom. Thompson reportedly fired three shots from a .22-caliber gun during that brief interval, the report indicated.

As Thompson made his way back to his car, he dropped his hat, which was later picked up by a homeless man. Police used surveillance video to identify that man and pull samples of hair and fibers from it, ultimately leading to Thompson as the possible killer.

Thompson's Wife was Having an Affair with Tokuhara

According to local FOX affiliate KHON, which reviewed court documents supporting Thompson's arrest, Thompson's wife was having an affair with Tokuhara between May and July of 2021.

The police investigation into Tokuhara's death reportedly uncovered Instagram messages between the victim and Thompson's wife in which she expressed fear about Thompson discovering the relationship, KHON also said.

The KHON report further noted that it appeared that while Tokuhara may have wanted a long-term relationship, Thompson's wife did not want to leave her husband; in July 2021, she reportedly told Tokuhara that she had to end the relationship and he couldn't contact her anymore. Their last Instagram communication was on July 23, 2021, according to KHON.