'Hated BLACK People, Used Voodoo': Murdered Bronx Mom's Boyfriend Makes Wild Accusations About Victim

In a shocking revelation, a neighbor of 35-year-old murdered Bronx mom Belkis Lopez has admitted that the victim's boyfriend, who they knew as Danny, had made wild accusations about Lopez. According to the neighbor Rachel McKelvie, Danny was crying when he went to her house to ask for her phone.

She said: "He made her out to be the aggressor. He said she was accusing him of raping both of their daughters. McKelvie, 55, revealed that Danny had told her Lopez did not like Black people or Spanish people. McKelvie said, "He used to say, 'She used voodoo. She killed people,'" according to the NY Daily News.

"He's a psycho," the woman charged, adding that Danny needs to be locked up. Another neighbor Jose Munoz, 55, revealed that Danny visited to hand him a laptop. "He knocked on my door and asked if I would hold this for him. It was a laptop," Munoz said, adding that Danny did not tell him the reason but was all excited. "He was looking weird. I gave the laptop to the cops," Munoz said.

Moreover, the NY Daily News report reveals that in April 2017, a case of harassment was filed by police after Lopez told officers that her boyfriend had threatened her.

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Belkis Lopez's Death Is A Suspected Homicide

Lopez was found dead by her teenage daughter inside their home in the early hours of September 20. Authorities believe that Lopez might have been strangulated to death by her on and off-again boyfriend.

According to reports, the teenage daughter found her mom lying dead in a bedroom with what appeared to be some sort of rubber band or rope around her neck. The incident occurred at their brick Melrose rowhouse at about 8:00 A.M.

After seeing her mom unconscious, lying on the floor, the teenager frantically called up the relatives, who rushed to their house. Police also reached the spot immediately after receiving a call on 911. Lopez's death is suspected to be a homicide, according to police.

Is Danny Involved in Killing Belkis Lopez?

while the real cause behind her death is yet to be determined, authorities are now looking for Lopez's boyfriend, who is a probable suspect in the case.