Happy Together PD admits to careless editing, lack of screen time for guests

New Special episodes devoting more time to guests being planned.

Jo In-sung & IU
Actor Jo In-Sung and Singer-actress IU. youtube.com/KBS World TV

Recently, a number of high profile South Korean guests from the world of entertainment appeared on 'Happy Together' as it aired its 500 th episode. However, the episode in question, which aired on June 1 was criticised for not devoting proper amount of screen-time to the guests.

The PD of 'Happy Together' has apologised for this. As noted by website Soompi, 'Happy Together' PD said on June 2, "Many celebrities spared their precious time just to appear on our show last minute. It is our fault for editing the episode in an unfair way. After watching it last night, we noticed that we wasted the first five to ten minutes of the episode. Mistakes were made, and we have no excuses. We're especially sorry that four or five of our guests only had their faces shown in the episode."

The guests who appeared on the June 1 episode were Jo In-sung, IU, DinDin, Yoo Byung-jae, Guillaume Patry, Oh Sang-jin, Block B's Park Kyung, Jo Bo-ah, Song Jae-hee, Choi Yoon-young, Lee Jin-ho, and Lee Myung-hoon. Rather than evenly devoting time to each of the guests, the 500th episode in its second half, had spent the first 10 minutes recapitulating highlights of the previous episode.

To make amends, the production team is mulling over the idea of releasing a special episode for those guests that could not get enough screen time in the June 1 episode.

The PD of 'Happy Together' had recently said he was moved that Jo In-sung and IU had agreed to be a part of the celebration of the show airing its 500th episode. "We thought it would be great if we could even just get [Jo In-sung] on the phone to congratulate the show. We had no idea that he would actually show up. I was very touched by his guest appearance on the show," he had said on the May 25 th episode of the show.

IU was of course tricked by her friend Park Myung-soo into believing he was sick and wanted to eat spicy rice cakes, having starved all day. Despite being suspicious, she bought him rice cakes from Gangnam.

This article was first published on June 2, 2017