Half-Naked Protester Performs Own Crucifixion Outside Security Building Posing as Christ in Russia [VIDEO]

The activist did not get injured during the stunt, and he is known for the stunts in support of the 'political prisoners' in Russia and neighboring Belarus

A half-naked protester was detained for 'posing as Christ' and also enacting his own crucifixion outside a security service building in Russia, as per reports. The activist got arrested after the incident took place where he was standing outside the headquarters of the FSB, which is responsible for internal security in Russia.

Pavel Krisevich stood outside the headquarters in a 'loincloth and sneakers', as a fire started beneath a big cross for resembling the crucifixion. As per reports, during the incident that happened on the Lubyanka Square, the activist was witnessed burning many legal cases against alleged political prisoners in Russia.

Protester Got Detained for 30 Days

Protester Pavel Krisevich
Protester Pavel Krisevich Twitter Grab/ Alex Kokcharov

"Pavel was detained at Lubyanka near the FSB building while posing as Christ. I don't know yet which police station he has been taken to," lawyer Sergei Telnov said as reported by the Daily Star. A source from the law enforcement mentioned, "A young man wearing a bloody loincloth and sneakers started a fire, climbed a stool behind it and tied a big cross to his hands to enact crucifixion. The man was detained."

The activist did not get hurt during the stunt, and he is known for stunts in support of the 'political prisoners' in Russia and neighboring Belarus. Later reports claimed that he was held at the nearby Kitai Gorod police station and was expected to serve up to a period of 30 days of detention for the protest.

The headquarters of Vladimir Putin's FSB counterintelligence service is in a former tsarist-era insurance company building long associated with the KGB in the Societ period. The scenes come amidst the concerns regarding the health of president Putin. However, Kremlin rejected all the claims that Putin might have Parkinson's disease and is going to give up his position. Authorities in Russia have also dismissed the suggestion about Putin's Parkinson as ábsolute nonsense' and assured that everything is fine with the president.

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