Hackers Selling Customer Info of Singapore's RedMart, Eatigo as Part of 34 Million User Data

The massive data dump included customers' information of 17 companies from India, Brazil, US, UK, Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries

Personal information of over 30 million people has been put on sale by hackers on a darknet forum. The information contains name, email id, password, address, phone number, tax number, partial credit card number, IP addresses among others. The database was a result of cyberattacks on 17 companies including companies from the U.S., U.K., Singapore, India, Brazil besides other countries.

The largest data breach was from Brazil's Geekie.com.br, an online education platform. A total of 8.1 million users' data was put on sale. From Mexico's Finance website clip.mx, data of 4.7 million users are being sold. As for Singapore, nearly 4 million user data in two databases was up for sale.

The databases contained users' information from the e-Commerce website RedMart and online food delivery site eatigo.com. The seller claimed that the data was of 2020 except athletico.com.br. The data is from 2018.

Cyber attack
The massive data dump included user information from 12 countries including Singapore, India, US and the UK (representational image) Pixabay

RedMart Lazada Confirms Breach

Among the victims, Lazada RedMart, Singapore's largest online grocery store confirmed to BleepingComputer that it had suffered a massive data breach with over a million user data being stolen. The data dump that contained customers' email ID, SHA-1 hashed password, name, phone number, address, partial credit card information and expiration date, was put up on sale for $1,500.

The hackers said that the data was obtained from RedMart's Lazada's MongoDB-based database. The company, a wing of Alibaba, said that it informed the customers through email about the breach, adding that it had discovered the breach during proactive monitoring.

While RedMart has claimed that the data that was stolen was at least 18 months old and outdated, the hackers said that the registration of the data was of July 2020. However, even if the data is of 2019, in many cases, email ID, phone number, credit card number and billing address don't change for years. Hence, even if the victim had changed the password, the individual may be targeted by hackers with phishing attacks on email IDs and phone numbers.

Data dump
The database contains sensitive personal information Screengrab of the forum post

"We have taken immediate action to block unauthorized access to the database. This data was used on the previous RedMart app and website, which are no longer in use. Lazada customer data in Southeast Asia is not affected by this incident," Lazada said in an email to customers.

Eatigo Data Breach

Online food delivery service provider Eatigo, which operates in Southeast Asia besides, India, South Korea and Hong Kong, has also suffered a massive data breach. The company confirmed that it suffered "a data security incident involving unauthorized access to our customer database."

While Eatigo didn't reveal the volume of the data breach, on the hackers' forum, 2.8 million user data were put up on sale. The database includes name, email ID, password, phone number, address, gender, Facebook ID and token. However, Eatigo in an email to customers said that the existing account password was encrypted and safe.

Data dump
List of companies that were breached

"Our investigations indicate that the information that was illegally accessed was from more than 18 months ago and included customer names, email addresses and phone numbers. We do not store credit card information on our system," Eatigo said.

The other companies named in the data dump haven't confirmed the breach. However, customers of the said companies should change their password immediately. If the same password has been used in other accounts, you should change them as well. In addition, be aware of possible phishing attacks in the future.

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