Hacker Luca Todesco urges jailbreakers to evade iOS 10.2 update

iOS 10.2 update is touted to patch up several exploits being used with existing iOS 10 jailbreaks.

iOS 10 jailbreak
Hacker Luca Todesco urges jailbreakers to evade iOS 10.2 update

There is a pall of gloom descending on the jailbreak community for quite some time as the veteran iOS hackers and jailbreak developers are looking far from certain about the public release of iOS 10 jailbreak, despite unveiling numerous convincing demos of personal jailbreaks for iOS 10.

Luca Todesco aka qwertyoruiop
Luca Todesco aka qwertyoruiop tweets jailbreakers about the ill-consequences of updating to iOS 10.2 Twitter

With no sign of public release for iOS 10 jailbreak in the horizon, renowned jailbreak developer and iOS hacker, Luca Todesco aka qwertyoruiop, has warned netizens about the consequences of installing Apple's newest iOS firmware (iOS 10.2), when it finally comes out.

iOS users who are already running iOS 10.1.1 are advised to stick to their existing firmware as iOS 10.2 is touted to patch up a ton of exploitable bugs in Apple's latest mobile operating system. As Todesco explains in his recent flurry of tweets, the iOS betas have lately become more secure than the stable releases or final versions.

With iOS 10.2 currently in its fifth beta, the public release of the new iOS 10 firmware seems just around the corner. Of late, Apple has ramped up its pace of releasing quick security updates for iOS, ahead of the final aka public release for the latest firmware.

Jailbreaking iOS has lately become a herculean task, especially with the small time window left between subsequent security-patch releases from Apple. iOS 9.3.3 happens to be the last jailbreakable firmware and hence jailbreakers will have to choose between optimum security and the ability to jailbreak the latest iOS firmware.

Avid iOS jailbreakers could hold on to their existing firmware with the hopes of receiving a working iOS 10 jailbreak anytime soon. On the contrary, non-jailbreakers may go ahead and install the newest firmware, once it is rolled out for public consumption.