Hacker knocks down thousands of websites in the Dark Web: Reports

The cyber-attack was executed in the dark of the night, which came to the notice of the owner next morning

An alleged hack on a web hosting provider of the dark web has reportedly knocked down around 7,600 websites. According to a ZDNet report, Daniel's Hosting, aka DH, one of the most popular web hosting services of the dark web, has been knocked off by a massive hack. The attack happened on March 10 and has deleted the entire database of the web host's portal.

Daniel Winzen, the founder of Daniel's Hosting, confirmed the hack to ZDNet via email. According to his statement, the attacker has deleted all hosting-related databases on the hosting website following the compromise. Later, the attacker deleted Daniel Hosting's database account and designed a new one for future use.

The cyber-attack was executed in the dark of the night, which came to the notice of Winzen next morning. But by then, he had lost most of the data.

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Winzen is still unaware of how the hack happened or which hacker group did it. However, since Winzen treats the hosting business as a part-time hobby, he decided not to move forward with further investigation.

Since the hacker created a substitute database of the web-server, the hosted sites in the DH are still functional. However, Winzen has asserted that all the DH users' credentials, including passwords, have been breached in the hack.

Following the hack, Daniel's Hosting dark-web service provider is down, and Winzen has no plan to take it online. Instead, he has plans to relaunch the service at a later date with more features and improvements after a few months.

This is not the first breach of Daniel's Hosting. In 2018, Anonymous compromised its backend database and removed roughly 6,500 websites it hosted. Daniel's Hosting website is considered one of the largest web hosting services on the Dark Web besides Freedom Hosting II.

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