Gwinnett County White Cop Fired For Using Taser Gun on Unarmed Black Woman

Michael Oxford was responding to a property damage call after which he arrived at the black woman's house for questioning.

A white Gwinnett County Police Department officer was fired after a video of him tasing an unarmed black woman went viral on social media. Michael Oxford, who was placed on administrative duties during the investigation, was fired after he was found guilty of 'violating the policies and not meeting the core values' of the department.

The viral Tik Tok video was shared multiple times on various social media platforms drawing a widespread outrage over the atrocity committed on the black woman, identified as Kyndesia Smith. The 23-year-old officer, who joined the department in February last year, has no disciplinary history.

Michael Oxford
Michael Oxford
Gwinnett County Police Department police officer Michael Oxford fired after using taser gun on black woman.

Oxford Acted on a Property Damage Call

In the incident, Oxford responded to a property damage call received from Summit Creek Way. The caller told the cop that a group of people threw a bottle, filled with liquid, at her car. The neighbor also said that a woman, dressed in white tank top, also threatened to kick her son in the head before entering the house across the street. The incident was captured on the surveillance camera on the woman's property.

After Oxford arrived at the aforementioned house, he spotted a black woman, Aytra Thomas, wearing the clothes that matched the description. In the video, a couple of black women sitting in the porch are seen shouting at Oxford. Thomas's daughter Smith is also seen standing in the porch leaning against a pillar.

In his report Oxford wrote that the other people who were on scene with her continued to yell and scream at him, making it very difficult to speak with Aytra and further conduct the investigation, reported AJC.

Cop Used Taser Gun After Victim Refused to Be Arrested

After Oxford tells Smith to quiet down or else she will be arrested, Smith says, "I'm not going nowhere, it doesn't matter. You're on our property. We did not call you." When Oxford threatens Smith again to arrest her for obstruction of justice, she jumps behind her mother sitting on chair.

It is when the scuffle begins as Oxford tries to pull Smith out. After telling the black woman multiple times to get on the ground, Oxford takes out the taser gun and uses it. The impact makes Smith fall in the bushes.

A scuffle ensues between the white cop and Smith as he tries to turn her over to place a handcuff in futile attempt. "I then utilized (an) arm lock/leverage technique on Smith's left flearm in order to get the left arm behind her back to be handcuffed," the officer wrote in his report, adding that Smith kicked him several times in the head, face and shoulder, when she was being placed in the patrol car.

The woman was charged on counts of felony obstruction and simple battery against a police officer. She was later released after posting $5,900 bond, reported the outlet.