Gwen Stefani and country star Blake Shelton perform new hit single 'Nobody But You' at Grammys

Engagement rumors swirl as pop star Gwen Stefani along with her "The Voice" co-judge country star Blake Shelton tear up the stage at the Grammys 2020 with their soulful ballad

Gwen Stefani might have played coy about the question of engagement with beau Blake Shelton, pointing at her ring adorned hand and saying, "There's no room, look at that!", however, the sparks were clearly flying for the couple that gave an awe-inspiring performance at the Grammys held on January 26, 2020.

The inception of the 2020 Grammys started on a sad note, honouring the NBA legend Kobe Bryant who tragically passed away at the age of 41, on account of a helicopter crash. The celebrity power couple attended the 62nd annual Grammy Awards red carpet ahead of their scheduled duet later in the evening. "This is absolutely mind-blowing," Stefani said regarding their performance ahead.

'The Voice' power couple re-emerge at the Grammys 2020

"I mean the whole thing. It's hard to believe that I'm back at the Grammys...Not just that, but with Blake Shelton, my favourite human being!" she exclaimed at the opportunity extended to her and her partner.

"Did you get that? Did you record that everybody?" Shelton jokingly asked the crew recording the exchange. "He saved my entire life," Stefani explained, complimenting Shelton. "Not only that, just...everyone was like, 'how was your drive over? It's like, 'wonderful, I was with Blake Shelton. He makes me laugh and smile, he's just the greatest guy." she concluded.

Shelton and Stefani performed 'Nobody But You'

The "Sweet Escape" singer has been in a relationship with Blake Shelton since 2015 wikimediacommons

Shelton and Stefani came out swinging with their performance of their song "Nobody But You", serenading the audience at the Staples Center in Los Angeles at the Grammys with love and hope. Shelton looked sharp in a navy suit as he strummed on his guitar the opening chords to the song before his longtime partner Stefani joined him onstage. Stefani, dressed in an elegant gown, adorned with gold and rose detailing, started to harmonize with the country singer.

At one point during the performance, the pair grabbed each other's hands and did not let go until the end of their set. The performance ended with Shelton bowing his hands towards Stefani as she pointed towards him, with the audience cheering as the pair stood next to each other and smiled.

The pair has been in a longtime relationship since 2015 when they met on the sets of the musical talent show "The Voice". Both served as judges and coaches and it was a time of great turmoil for the pair as they had both separated with their significant others. Shelton had just finalized his divorce with fellow country singer Miranda Lambert and Stefani had just divorced Bush frontman, Gavin Rossdale.

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