Guide to Sports Betting in India: These are the Best Apps

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Sports betting are getting more popular than ever. Whether your favorite sport is cricket, hockey or football you can find plenty of sports betting opportunities. We will guide you to some of the best apps to do online betting.

Sports fans all over the world are tuned into predicting the outcome of sports games. With the right insight into a team's form, tactics, injuries, and calendar you can make huge wins with the right sports predictions. Maybe you want to give it a try by yourself? Then you have found the right place. We will guide you to all the best apps for online betting that apply to the Indian gambling laws.

International bookmakers are allowed to offer sports betting options to players in India, even though it is illegal to operate online booking companies in India. The requirement to the international bookmakers is just that they have to make payment in Indian Rupees available for the Indian players.

Two of the very best betting apps for Indian players are the two massive European companies Bet365 and Betway.


Founded in 2000, Bet365 was born for online gambling, when the internet was becoming popular all over the world. Quickly people of the UK started to use the website for betting on English football and other sports games. Since then, Bet365 has multiple times been named as one of the best betting companies in multiple countries and worldwide.

The business grew even bigger, as the smartphones were rolled out and enabled betting everywhere. This allowed Bet365 to introduce live betting, where you can put your bets as the match is being played and the odds can change during the match.


It didn't take a long time for Betway to be established as one of the world's most popular betting companies after it was launched in 2006. It got massive attention with a sponsorship of the English Premier League club West Ham United in 2015. This marked Betway's way into the mainstream of online gambling.

Today Betway offers all kinds of sports betting and online gambling games. It has shown interest in a lot of new markets like eSports. Betway became the sponsor of the Swedish Counter-Strike team Ninjas in Pyjamas in 2016.


As you might already know, cricket is big in India. If you want to bet on a cricket match at the same time as watching it live, Dafabet is a good app. It makes it convenient to watch a cricket game at the same time as placing bets through the app. Dafabetis a relatively young app, but it has already gained immense popularity, especially throughout Asia.

It's simple user face, as well as availability in multiple languages, makes it hard to beat when it comes to sports betting. The fact that Dafabet has a channel that provides live cricket updates on a daily, makes it convenient for a cricket fan that wants to place a quick bet.

Royal Panda

For general sports enthusiasts, Royal Panda is a fitting app. Royal Panda conveniently has a wide array of sports to bet on, regardless of whether someone is into the major European football teams, golf or boxing, and MMA.

Royal Panda has an established place in the sports betting scene in India and it has gained a lot of popularity over the years. Of the major reason behind the app's popularity is the service it provides as well as the fact that it is tailored to Indians and deposits in Indian rupees. The fact that there are many types of sports to bet on means that most sports-interested people enjoy the app.


22bet is a European website that is also available on an app. 22bet initially started as a sports betting app but eventually evolved and included gambling as well. One of the appealing aspects of 22bet is the wide range of available sports that you can bet on. In the selection of sports football, tennis, rugby, darts and chess is included, but the list is by no means comprehensive.

In fact, there are at least 24 different types of sports that are available to bet on. The fact that the app has a straightforward layout and is convenient to use, also makes it a favorable betting app for those who indulge in sports and betting. And while you can access it through a desktop, using it as an app makes it even more convenient.

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