GTA Online Import/Export DLC vehicle list leaked: Full customisation and design revealed

Freshly leaked Import/Export DLC car details surfaces online via GTA forums and YouTube.

GTA Online: Import/Export DLC
GTA Online Import/Export DLC vehicle list leaked: Full customisation and design revealed

Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) has showcased some exquisite details of the forthcoming DLC cars and rare special vehicles, in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online. Although Rockstar Games has officially teased just three DLC vehicles, the YouTuber has gained access to some hidden details to a handful of other DLC vehicles, thanks to a bunch of leaked DLC game files for GTA 5.

As Ross explains, here's a sneak peek at some of those highly-anticipated DLC vehicles in the Import/Export DLC for GTA Online. A few of these custom DLC vehicles are being showcased in the video, thanks to the readily available GTA 5 mods for PC. However, the mods are not yet available for some cars which have been left out from this list.

Check out the full-list of leaked DLC vehicles (below), with due credit to GTA community member Yan2295:

  • Annis – Elegy – Sports – Elegy
  • Pegassi – Tempesta – Super – Tempesta
  • Progen – ItaliGTB – Super – Italigtb
  • Progen – ItaliGTB Custom – Super – Italigtb2
  • Truffade – Nero – Super – Nero
  • Truffade – Nero Custom – Super – Nero2
  • Dewbauchee – Specter – Sports – Specter
  • Dewbauchee – Specter Custom – Sports – Specter2
  • Principe – Diabolus – Sports Bike – Diablous
  • Principe – Diabolus Custom – Sports Bike – Diablous2
  • Imponte – Ruiner 2000 – Sports – Ruiner2
  • JoBuilt – Phantom Wedge – Sports – Phantom2
  • Coil – Rocket Voltic – Rocket Voltic – Voltic2
  • Ocelot – Penetrator – Super – Penetrator
  • Mtl – Wastelander – Sports – Wastelander
  • Pegassi – FCR1000 – Enduro Bike – FCR
  • Pegassi – FCR1000 Custom – Enduro Bike – FCR2
  • Pfister – Comet Retro Custom – Sport – Comet2
  • Imponte – Ruiner 3 – Sport – //
  • // – Technical Aqua – RatLoader – Technical2
  • BF – Ramp Buggy – Wedge Dune – Dune4
  • BF – Ramp Buggy – Wedge Dune – Dune5
  • Nagasaki – Blazer Aqua -Blazer – Blazer5
  • // – // – // – Boxville5
  • // – // – // – Comet3
  • // – //- // – Elegy2

Truffade Nero

The Truffade Nero is expected to be the bigger and more powerful version of the Adder in the game, which is also the real-life replica of the Bugatti Chiron. You can also notice the stunning interiors and marvellous depiction of every minute detail of the car in the video, thanks to the new PC mod.

The car comes with a retractable spoiler which is its main user-selling point (USP) and it works similar to that of the Progen T20 in GTA 5. Consequently, the car is touted to be one of the hot favourites in the game.

Given its massive customisation capabilities, it looks to be a front runner for Benny's fleet of modded vehicles.

Hybrid of Lambhorgini Huracan, Lambhorgini Asterion and Centenario

The blue car that was seen in Rockstar's recently teased gameplay screenshots for Import/Export update has now been identified as a cross breed of Lambhorgini huracan and Asterion, which mimics the design aesthetics from both the cars.

The car clearly belongs to the Pegassi family and may also be known as the "Tempesta".

The Centenario is more futuristic in terms of looks in contrast to the other DLC cars in this list. However, veteran gamers and in-game car modders alike are suggesting that the hybrid car takes its design cues from its real-life counterpart, the Lambhorgini Centenario.

Progen ItaliGTB

The Progen ItaliGTB is touted to be based on some real-life McLaren Spider or Roadster versions like McLaren 675 LT or 650 LT. So, it means we will have another Progen variant apart from the T20 in the game.

Curious users, who would like to try out these GTA 5 PC mods ahead of the Import/Export DLC release, may go ahead and download them using the links (below):

Lambhorgini Centenario:
Bugatti Chiron:
Flip car aka Ramp car:
Nissan Skyline GTR R34:
Aston Martin DBS:
Lambhorgini Asterion:
Lambhorgini Huracan:

Also, check out the R34 Skyliner of Fast and Furious fame, Dewbacuchee Specter inspired by James Bond's Aston Martin DBS and a raw version of the ramp car (based on the Dune Buggy) in Ross' stunning gameplay video (below):