GTA 5 Online: How to make millions of GTA$ and save money ahead of Biker DLC release

Tips and tricks to make or save millions of GTA$ ahead of the Biker update in GTA Online.

GTA Online Bonuses
GTA 5 Online: How to make or save millions of GTA$ ahead of Biker DLC release Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games has just announced a new set of Event Weekend Bonuses with exclusive 50% discounts on Warehouses and Executive Offices along with attractive price-cuts for Cunning Stunts Supercars (25% off), turreted limo (50% off), special cargo crates (25% off) as well as Buckingham Swifts and Luxors (25% off). In addition, GTA Online players can avail 50% off on the original price of Lester, Pegasus and Merryweather services, besides enjoying 25% discount on all new motorcycles as well as warehouse workbench vehicle upgrades.

Unlockable Yellow Swirl Pajamas and Smoking Jacket
Unlockable Yellow Swirl Pajamas and Smoking Jacket Rockstar Games

The massive discounts on vehicles, vehicle upgrades and business properties across the Los Santos will continue through the weekend starting 30 September and extending all the way up to 3 October, the eve of Biker DLC release day.

Furthermore, all those who login to GTA Online during the Event Weekend (30 September to 3 October) will be eligible to unlock new Yellow Swirl Pajamas and matching Smoking Jacket. Just head to any clothing store and you can collect them for free.

With the Biker DLC promising to expand your business empire across Los Santos and Blaine County, the time is ripe for saving a few millions right off your investment costs as business properties are going at half the price along with other special discounts. Here is the complete breakup of all the investment savings your can avail in the next few days:

  • 50% off Executive Offices via Dynasty 8 Executive Realty
  • 50% off any Warehouse - secure storage for your illicit dealings
  • 25% off all Office Décor Customization to tailor your new Headquarters to your specifications
  • 25% off Special Cargo Crates to help you start buying up product for your stash houses
  • 25% off Warehouse Workbench Vehicle Upgrades including the Brickade, Cuban 800, and the Tug

Special discounts on select vehicles and aircraft

Executive air-travel and new motorcycles have never been cheaper as Rockstar is offering special discounts on them through the weekend ending 3 October:

  • 50% off the Benefactor Turreted Limo from Warstock Cache & Carry
  • 25% off all Buckingham Swift and Luxor models at Elitás Travel
  • 25% off the Annis RE-7B, Emperor ETR1 and Progen Tyrus at Legendary Motorsport
  • 25% off All Motorcycles

Special executive and emergency services at half-price

Enjoy special prices on executive and emergency services like Lester and Merryweather all through the weekend:

  • 50% off special vehicle delivery from Pegasus
  • 50% off Lester services
  • 50% off Merryweather services

Grab the opportunity to gain double RP in all VIP and CEP missions or challenges as well as Heists when in close proximity with any VIP or organisation head.

Earn Triple RP bonues with Premium Stunt Race - Afterburner

GTA Online: Premium Stunt Race - Afterburner
Rockstar Games

Participate in weekend's premium Stunt Race - Afterburner, which is exclusively a motorcycle-only event and avail the chance to win triple RP and hefty reward payouts (up to $100,000) on completion of races. Just head to the yellow Premium Race blip in Legion Square or get in via the Quick Job app.

In related news, the renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross has explained how you could prepare for the upcoming Biker update in GTA Online. As with any DLC release, it is imperative to clear out some garage space ahead of the update in order to accommodate new DLC vehicles.

Besides, it is still unclear if the Biker DLC will allow us to buy more garages or apartments with integrated car-storage space. Speculation is rife that we will be seeing at least 10 new motorcycles with the forthcoming DLC in the game.

Consequently, selling off your old and unused cars at the Los Santos Customs ship would be the best way to make some space for new DLC vehicles.

Furthermore, it is advisable to hold-off your temptation to buy out all the discounted items and vehicles (especially the aircraft and outdated vehicles) ahead of the DLC release as Rockstar is likely to roll out more special items and vehicles with the Biker update.