Graphic Videos Show Dead Bodies Lying on Roads after Russia Claims Seizing Kherson; Hungry Russian Soldiers Seen Looting Shops [WATCH]

Scattered bodies of both Russian and Ukrainian soldiers could be seen on the streets as Russian army went on a rampage.

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The Russian army has claimed that it has taken control of the strategically important port city of Kherson in southern Ukraine on Wednesday, as Moscow's invasion of Ukraine entered its seventh day that saw the city brutally bombed. Russian soldiers were seen moving tanks and other military vehicle into the city. Russia's defense ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov confirmed the news in a televised message.

According to reports, hungry Russian soldiers also went on looting shopping malls and store after taking control over the city. Also, social media footages show graphic images and videos of Ukrainian and Russian soldiers lying dead on the streets.

Russia Gets Brutal

The seventh day's attack on Ukraine got even more brutal with Russia claiming to have taken control over the important port city of Kherson after hours of fierce fighting and massive bombing on the city. Scattered bodies of both Russian and Ukrainian soldiers could be seen on the streets as Russian army went on a rampage.

"The Russian divisions of the armed forces have taken the regional center of Kherson under full control," Konashenkov said in televised remarks. He claimed that public services and transport were operating as usual.

Russian tanks Kherson
Russian tanks seen on a street in Kherson after army took control of the city Twitter

"The city is not experiencing shortages of food and essential goods," he said.

He said the Russian army and local authorities were in talks about maintaining order, protecting the population, and keeping public services running.

However, according to reports Ukrainian soldiers are yet to accept defeat and putting up a brave fight at different pockets of the city. Kherson's Mayor Igor Nikolayev, however, said in a post on Facebook: "We are still Ukraine. Still firm."

Videos posted on social media show devastating scenes. Videos also show residents in Kherson holding blue and yellow flags, marching to the Freedom Square and standing in front of the armed Russian military a s a mark of protest.

According to reports, the Russian army is now facing heavy resistance form the residents of Kherson. Also, according to Kherson residents, the National Anthem of Ukraine was performed loudly in Shumensky district in the morning. "Don't believe those who say that Kherson surrendered," Kherson residents write on social networks.

Russian Army Looting Shops

Kherson presently is in the midst of a humanitarian disaster, with street fighting taking place on Tuesday and the enemy bombarding residential districts. Because of the continuous shelling, rescuers are unable to put out fires.

There have been reports of looting. Also due of the ongoing battle, the dead bodies cannot be gathered and lay on the streets. Social media footage shows, hungry Russian soldiers looting foods and other goods form shopping malls and stores, with no one to stop them.

One of the videos show at least a dozen Russian soldiers coming out of a shopping mall with huge packets in their hands, while the street lays deserted after heavy shelling and gunfight.

The news comes amid reports that Russia has been continuously bombing Kharkiv since Wednesday morning after conducting a similar attack on Tuesday, where in they blew up several high rises resulting in the death of at least 21 Ukrainian civilians.