Graphic Video Shows Man Killing 'Cheating' Wife With Crowbar at Washington Bus Stop

Maria Kelly, a 49-year-old woman who was beaten unconscious with a crowbar by her husband, has died following the fatal injuries. Following the attack, the victim's husband, Julio Aponte, was arrested and initially charged with attempted murder and assault.

The video of the incident, which took place during broad day light at a bus stop in Washington Heights, has gone viral on the social media drawing widespread reactions.

Maria Kelly
Maria Kelly was killed by her husband with a crowbar in Washington Heights. Twitter

Aponte Believed His Wife Was Cheating on Him

The nearly 45-second viral video shows Aponte, dressed in a black hoodie and black pants straddling the victim as she lay on the pavement near the bus stop.

Aponte is seen repeatedly hitting Kelly with a crowbar wrapped in black garbage bag. "How dare you cheat on me?" yelled the violently possessive Aponte as he proceeded with the fatal assault.

After Kelly becomes motionless, Aponte is seeing throwing away the bag carrying the crowbar which lands under the bus stop seat with a loud thud. He then throws a black backpack on the pavement too.

After committing the assault, Aponte gets up and starts shouting at the motionless Kelly as onlookers rush to aid her. Aponte is then seen walking away from the scene.

Kelly Suffered Multiple Heart Attacks

Kelly, a mother of two, who worked as a school aide, was taken to New York-Presbyterian Hospital Columbia following the incident. According to the prosecutors, Kelly suffered multiple heart attacks and skull fractures following the gruesome attack.

She died from her injuries on Friday, four days after she was attacked.

According to NY Daily News, Aponte who fled from the spot on a motorcycle, called 911 and turned himself in. The police said that they have found the crowbar, wrapped in plastic, as well as Aponte's backpack at the scene of the attack.

The prosecutors said that Aponte had also called someone after the attack and had confessed to his crime during a 13-minute phone call.

The outlet quoted Assistant District Attorney Jeffrey Levinson stating that Aponte had a history of violence towards women. In his previous marriage Aponte stalked his wife, threatened her on multiple occasions besides rushing after her with an ax.