'GOT 'spoilers alert: Leaked pictures of Dhothraki hut at Titanic studios, Belfast

According to a picture leaked by the Spanish site Los Sieste Reinos, it shows a an image of Dhotraki hut Titanic Studios, Belfast revealing some of the upcoming events in the final episode.

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It has been only a few weeks since the seventh season of HBO's hit fantasy drama "Game of thrones" ended. The season had major twisted plots and deaths of a few fan favourite characters like Littlefinger. These particular events have left the fan and the followers drooling for the latest stories for the upcoming episodes which for an instance mark the perfect time for the leaked photos of the final episode to get their way on the news.

A photo claiming to be from the set of "Game of thrones" season eight at the Titanic Studios in Belfast shows a huge Dothraki hut, signifying that the horse people will have a key role in the upcoming season.

The picture which was shared by Los Sieste Reinos, the Spanish site does not give a definite proof whether the picture was taken recently or earlier but it does give an insight of the forthcoming battle sequences involving the Dothraki.

The seventh season concluded with the Night King riding Visyrion, one of Daenerys Targaryen's three dragons and knocking the North wall down.

In the eight season probably the picture suggests Targaryen, the mother of dragons leading the Dhotraki armies as a plan to a battle against the Night King Vladmir Furdik and his army of the White Walkers.

The Dothraki have been quite loyal to Targaryen by helping her in the past to fight her war and it seems like their time has come to face off with the evil undead.

The spoilers have done their bit of rounds by giving some possible hints of the plot of the upcoming season.

The shoot of the latest episode has been rumoured to have started already but has been delayed because of the bad weather.

The final season is reported to be premiered sometime in the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019 until then the spoilers will be consistently alerted.