Google's GIF app now available on Android

Google releases an Android version of Motion Stills.

From being an iOS exclusive, Google has officially released an Android version of Motion Stills which is now downloadable via Play Store for free. However, there are some functionalities the app cannot perform on Android devices.

Motion Stills gives Android phone users a new fun feature to play with their camera. The app captures short clips and convert them into cinemagraphs or still photos moving in a sweeping cinematic pans, which are usually seen in graphic interchange format (GIF) animation. Developer Google Research boasts the advanced stabilization and rendering technology it uses for the GIF app.

Motion Stills enables users to shoot a 3-second video in one tap. It can shorten long videos into a looping GIF animation up to two to eight times faster using the fast forward option—acting as a hyper-lapse app of some sorts. Users can craft a movie by merging films through swipe gesture taps rightwards. To view the GIF animation, users can either browse recorded clips in a series, flip through them individually, or watch them automatically play.

On iOS devices, Motion Stills is known for transforming Live Photos into GIFs. Since Android phones do not have this camera technology, Google's app is the best alternative to do it. Unlike iOS users, Android users cannot add moving text.