Google Store opens Project Fi trade-in program to more brands

Here are Project Fi trade-in program guidelines to get the new Pixel and Pixel XL phones.

Google has officially opened its Project Fi trade-in program to more Android phones and iPhone models. Consumers who are interested in getting the upcoming Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones can now exchange their old phones with Google's new devices.

Traders can get up to US$388 in credit if they will trade their phones. The iPhone 7 Plus owners can get credits between US$68 and US$388.

Below are the price ranges of the phones for the trade-in program:

  • iPhone 7 Plus (US$68-US$388)
  • iPhone 6 (US$35-US$143)
  • iPhone SE (US$30-US$143)
  • Galaxy S8 Plus (US$66-US$345)
  • Galaxy S8 (US$59.60-US$305)
  • Galaxy S7 Edge (US$40.40-US$175)
  • Galaxy S7 (US$52-US$150)
  • Galaxy Note 5 (US$61-US$150)
  • LG G6 (US$35.20-USD$230)
  • Nexus 6P (US$113-US$165)
  • Nexus 5X (US$82.50-US$115)
  • Nexus 6 (US$35-US$80)

Project Fi mechanics

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get credits for an old phone:

Step 1: To start off the trade-in process, go to the Google Store. In the "Extras" section, select "Trade In". Click "Buy" to redirect to configuration options. Choose "trade in your phone" to check eligible phones.

Step 2: Traders will be asked a few questions to determine the estimated value of the device. Once the trader agrees to the estimated value, the amount will be credited to his/her card. To add the new phone, select "Continue". Check out and complete order.

Step 3: A confirmation email will be sent. Upon confirmation, a kit with a prepaid envelope will be sent to the trader so he/she can send the old phone.

Step 4: Send the old phone. It is necessary to factory reset phone first before sending. For traders who want to save their old phone's data can follow this guide. Remove the SIM card before putting it in the prepaid envelope. Add the shipping label and send it to Google via USPS.

Step 4: Once Google receives the phone, it will be under checking for three business days. If the estimated value determined by Google is fitting, the credit shall arrive in the trader's card. If the value is lower than the estimate, the trader will be contacted for the new value. If the trader agrees, the value will be credited.

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