Google Play Store 8.3.43 update rolled out with minor bug fixes

Google releases the Play Store 8.3.43 update with some security patches under the hood.

google play store
(Google Play)

The Google Play Store on Wednesday received its sixth update of the month. For starters, there are no noticeable visual changes with the latest update but just a couple of bug fixes.

Only one update away from the major 8.3.41 release on October 4, Google has started to roll out the Play Store 8.3.43 update with some security patches under the hood. The file size is clocked in at 18.49 megabytes and applies to all Play Store apps, including Android Wear and Android TV.

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Android users can wait for Google to roll out the official update over the air if they have not received it yet. As an alternative, users can download the specific variants of the Google Play Store 8.3.43 via APK Mirror.

In the meantime, Lawnchair Launcher is now available to download on the Play Store, thanks to XDA Developers. The launcher is not an ordinary clone of the original Pixel Launcher as it offers quite a many functionalities that cannot be found in others.

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The app comes with Pixel-inspired features and some functionalities that allow users to customise the home screen and how they can interact with it. Users can modify placement and style of search bars, customise Assistant icon and change grid sizes, among others.

However, the Lawnchair Launcher app is still in its early stage of release which means there might be some issues occurring here and there. Download Lawnchair Launcher from the Google Play Store.

This article was first published on October 18, 2017