Google hints at codename for Android 8.0 via Twitter

First hint of Google codename for Android 8.0 has surfaced online via Twitter.

Oreo cookies
Google hints at codename for Android 8.0 via Twitter

Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google's senior vice-president of Android, has recently posted a GIF video via Twitter, showing some kind of dessert covered with a ring of Oreo cookies around it. Speculation is rife that the dessert theme depicted in the video could actually be suggesting the codename for upcoming Android 8.0 release.

Several Android fans and followers on Twitter are now speculating if 'Oreo' could be the codename for the next Android upgrade. Although Google has traditionally codenamed all of its Android OS upgrades after a dessert or a cookie, the latest speculation must be taken with a pinch of salt, especially considering that Lockheimer's previous claim regarding the codename 'Nutella' for Android 7.0 did not materialise for some reason and the update took the 'Nougat' codename.

If the past is any indication, Google might yet again change the naming convention for its upcoming Android OS at the last moment. Nevertheless, the industry experts are suggesting that we might not know the codename for Android 8.0 until June 2017 at the earliest.

Nevertheless, do let us know in the comments section (below) if you like the codename 'Oreo' for the forthcoming Android update or if you have something else on your mind.

[Source: Android Authority]