Google Earth shows alien proof in Australia, lighted triangular UFO triggers frenzy

A new image from Google Earth and Google Maps indicates the presence of a UFO in Australia

Triangle UFO
Google Earth

A new image taken from Google Earth has triggered wild imaginations among alien buffs, and these theorists are claiming that this figure is a solid example of the presence of UFO and extra-terrestrial life. The image of this mysterious shape has been photographed at a field in Australia, and it coordinates at 30°30'38.44"S 115°22'56.03"E.

Is it a solid evidence of UFO and alien life?

The image which has now gone viral features a large triangle with bright lights evenly placed around it. The triangle was first discovered in 2007, and from then, it has perplexed conspiracy theorists who believe in the existence of extra-terrestrial life.

Even though many people have claimed that the object is a UFO or a landing pad for some extraterrestrial spacecraft, experts believe that this shape is nothing but an antenna which forms the part of a remotely controlled wind farm. According to experts, the three sets of wires in the antenna forms the triangle shape, while there is a tower in the middle. The antenna is intended to receive and control the transmit signals.

This is not the first time that suspected UFOs and landing pads are being located with the help of Google Maps. Earlier, round domed huts with a huge base in the middle were located in Poland, and many people claimed that it is a clear-cut evidence of alien existence.

But soon experts debunked this theory and revealed that the images are actually taken from Alvernia Studios, the hottest hub of film shooting. Some of the noted Hollywood films shot in this studio are US thriller 'Arbitrage', and the comedy flick 'Vamps'.

A month back, scientists spotted bizarre drawings from an Egyptian desert, triggering UFO claims among conspiracy theorists. Soon, this theory was debunked, as it was proved to be an artwork created by three artists which spanned one million square kilometers in diameter.

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