Google Chrome update cause of computer breakdown, confirms Avid on Twitter

mac computers vulnerability
A MacBook Air laptop is pictured on display at an Apple Store in Pasadena, California 22 July 2013 Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

Avid took to Twitter and confirmed that there is no fault from their part regarding the recent mysterious breakdown of computers on Wednesday, September 25. They also stated that the problem is extraneous to Avid and their creative tools.

Chrome Update is the actual cause:

In the same tweet, the official handle of Avid also conveyed that Google has confirmed that a Chrome update may have caused the damages as it might have shipped a bug that damages the file system on macOS machines. To alleviate the problem, Google halted its release and shared a written note in their community blog with certain instructions for the affected users.

What happened earlier?

Tensions prevailed on Monday evening, in Los Angeles due to a mysterious breakdown of computers, which left Hollywood moviemakers and TV Editors in a whammy state. After scrutinizing the problem, it was found out that the whole issue is linked to Avid, which is the software used by Mac Pro to edit movies.

The reboot option in Apple computers also failed to show up, which sparked anxiety among the users. The computers also spurned to reboot after the shutdown. Even the social media reports stated that the issue is prevalent among all the Mac Pro users who are using the software.

Avid, after knowing about the issue, started working closely with the users, customers, third-party vendors, and Apple to resolve the complications.

On Tuesday, the official Twitter handle of the organization shared a video featuring Jeff Rosica, CEO of Avid Technology. In the video, Rosica can be seen saying, "I want you to note that we're taking the issue very seriously and working diligently to get a resolution into the field as fast as we can"

He also stated, "We are working round the clock whatever it takes to get this work done and you applied all available resources for the company".

This problem is commonly seen in old models of Mac Pros which run Avid Media composer software for editing purpose. To back up Avid data, Mac users were asked to boot their device using the single-user mode.

However, Apple also revealed that it will release its next-in-line version of Mac Pro, which is expected to be out this year. Till then, the older version of Mac Pro aka "trash-can" will be a life-saver for all the video editors out there.