Google Assistant's new feature can book movie tickets and reserve seats for you

Google Assistant's new Google Duplex feature can now book movie tickets and reserve seats on your behalf

Google is constantly teaching the Google Assistant new tricks and adding new tweaks to improve user experience. The tech giant recently introduced a new feature that allows users to book movie tickets online using the virtual assistant.

What is Google Duplex?

Google Duplex

The new feature, called Google Duplex, allows Android users to have Google Assistant buy movie tickets and reserve seats for them, Google announced on Thursday in a blog post. Google Duplex essentially enables the AI to access and navigate through Chrome webpages autonomously and book tickets for the user, much like how the technology allows Google Assistant to make restaurant reservations on the user's behalf.

The feature is linked with more than 70 movie theatre chains including AMC and MJR theatres, in addition to third-party ticketing companies like Fandango and - despite the fact that they do not have a designated mobile app and lack support for mobile browsers.

Not only is this feature much easier to use as opposed to navigating through the websites of the above-mentioned ticketing companies directly, but it's also faster than buying tickets and reserving seats on your own and also allow you to bag tickets to an incredibly popular movie before it's sold out.

How to book movie tickets using Google Assistant?

Here's a step-by-guide on how you can use Google's new Duplex feature to book movie tickets:

This feature is only available in the US and UK as of now but Google is expected to start rolling it out to other countries soon.