Google adds new privacy features for maps, assistant and YouTube; How does it help?

Google Assistant
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Google has rolled out its new privacy features on its regular used products like Google maps, assistant and YouTube to protect the data of the users. This decision was taken by Google to support the consumers voices by enhancing the security of data.

The new features will prevent Google from collecting user's information, where you'll have full control over your data. You can either keep the data if you want or else you can delete it at your convenience.

To learn more about it here are a few lists of new tools that Google recently announced.

Google maps - Incognito mode

Being observed or tracked feels so uncomfortable for anyone - though it's a technology-based app or a human being. No one likes to be followed. It looks so threating sometimes when the app knows where you are.

Google Maps
Google Maps Pixabay

So, Google brought this new feature in Maps where you can turn to incognito mode while searching for places on it. By doing so, it prevents Google from knowing your precise location. It also won't be able to track you and suggest any personalized recommendations like nearby places, and food restaurants to visit, etc.

This tool will launch shortly in this month – first on Android and then on the iOs platform.

Auto-Delete YouTube history

Last year Google added the same incognito feature to YouTube. By using this feature, you can browse your favorite videos and watch them in private.

Now to make the users feel more comfortable and safer about their private information, the company is launching a new tool called Auto-Delete YouTube History.

YouTube Pixabay

With this tool, users can choose how long to keep their YouTube history i.e. 3 months, 18 months or delete manually. Here you can either delete the YouTube history manually or keep the history of the past 3 months/18 months and the remaining part of the history gets deleted automatically.

New ways of keeping your data safe – Google Assistant

Recently we are hearing a lot of buzz about the leak of information through Google Assistant. This has happened earlier with Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri too. So, Google decided to alter certain privacy squabbles on Google Assistant too.

Now if any user asks the assistant saying: "Hey Google, how do you keep my data safe?" – It will share the information on how to keep your data safe.

Google also took to its blog and explained everything related to this feature. It shared the information saying, In the coming weeks, you'll be able to delete Assistant activity from your Google Account just by saying things like "Hey Google, delete the last thing I said to you" or "Hey Google, delete everything I said to you last week." You can also delete the activity before the previous week, where it takes you to the "accounts settings page" where you can complete this activity.

This feature will first launch in English in the coming week and other linguistics next month.

Password checkup tool

As the password is everything to us to protect our information, using weak passwords and the same set of passwords for other accounts might cause a threat of data breach.

So, Google has decided to add this new security feature called the Password checkup tool.

The checkup tool will protect your information by detecting all the security issues that are related to your Google account.

It will also let you know about the passwords you saved, the passwords that need to be altered, and the number of times you used the same password on multiple sites.

This tool will help users to secure their information and keep a constant check of their password strength and security.

Based on several checks, the tool suggests some recommendations on how to strengthen your security.

In May Google started the new Google Safety Engineering Center to guard people's privacy. The company also said that it would multiply the number of privacy engineers by the end of 2019.

Under cloud

Despite all these features, still the onus of keeping your data safe on Google products depend on your efforts and Google will not stop asking you to save password.

Secondly, Google never provides online help as it is fully automatic process.

Thirdly, Google never reveals to you whether your information is with them or not, if they have how safe it is. Introducing new features may help in the future, though.