Good Casting episode 7 Live Stream Details: Im Ye Eun and Kang Woo Won to Become Power Couple?

U-KISS member Jun recently opened up about his role in the SBS comedy-thriller Good Casting and his team up with actress Yoo In Young in the drama

Good Casting episode 7 will air on SBS Monday, May 18, at 9.40 p.m. KST and it is likely to introduce the first official onscreen couple of the drama. The production team for this comedy thriller has teased onscreen romance for U-KISS member Jun and actress Yoo In Young in the upcoming episodes.

In the mini-series, Jun portrays a rising star named Kang Woo Won and In Young plays the role of a NIS secret agent Im Ye Eun. The characters met each other for the first time during an awkward encounter. The characters were then forced to be together during several unpleasant incidents, including abduction by international criminals.

The producers of this television drama revealed that Woo Won and Ye Eun will get closer to each other as they spend more time together. The viewers of this comedy thriller will get to watch them as a power couple in the upcoming episodes, the production team added.

Will Woo Won fall in love with Ye Eun?

Good Casting
Actress Yoo In Young and U-KISS member Jun in SBS comedy thriller Good Casting SBS

The relationship between Jun's character and the secret agent took a new turn in episode 4 that showed the rising star feeling empathetic for the secret agent, according to the production team. They also asked the viewers to watch the upcoming episode to see the relationship between Woo Won and Ye Eun progress in a new way.

However, the promo video and new stills for the seventh episode do not reveal any details about the relationship between Woo Won and Ye Eun. So, the series' followers will have to watch the comedy thriller on SBS Monday, May 18, at 9.40 p.m. KST to know more about it.

The Korean drama lovers from across the globe can watch the mini-series by tuning on to SBS or by streaming the show on SBS' official website. All the latest episodes of this television drama will also be available on various streaming sites.

Jun opens up about his role in Good Casting

Meanwhile, lead cast member Jun opened up about his role in the SBS drama during an interview with Star magazine. The 23-year-old actor revealed that he tried to show a new side of his acting through Woo Won. He also asked the viewers to look forward to some very energetic and comic scenes of him in the upcoming episodes of this mini-series.

The cast member then shared some details about his team up with actress In Young for the comedy thriller. He said the actress always made him comfortable in front of the camera and they enjoyed a lot while filming many of the scenes.

Watch the promo for Good Casting episode 7 below:

This article was first published on May 16, 2020