Gong Yoo Hong Kong fan meet 2017: Actor reveals secrets of his private life to fans

Gong Yoo reveals he's quite the sportsman.

Gong Yoo
Official poster for 'Gong Yoo Live - Make a Wish in Hong Kong' fan meet. wishtogongyoo.com

Gong Yoo's 'Make a Wish' Asia tour is a roaring success as evident from his latest Taiwan and Hong Kong tour. During the event, the actor talked about his 'Goblin' days, how he doesn't use social media, sang for his fans and he was also able to generate funds for sick children.

Now, Gong Yoo has divulged even more interesting bits about his private life.

Indonesian weekly women's magazine Femina exclusively reported from Gong Yoo's Hong Kong fan meet that he was not only a fine host, meeting and interacting with his guests and fans, he also shared some of his life stories with the audience gathered at AsiaWorld-Expo, Hall 10 in Hong Kong. The show began with Gong Yoo singing a rendition of Yoo Jae-ha's 'Myself reflected In My Heart.' Finishing the song, Gong Yoo revealed the story behind his naming, during an interview on the venue with host Sammy Leung.

He revealed that the name Gong Yoo, is a combination of the names of both his father and mother. His actual name is Gong Ji-chul. Following this, a series of private photos of the 'Goblin' actor were displayed for all to see; from his childhood years to his adult years.

In the photos, Gong Yoo was seen riding a horse, playing basketball as well as appearing in a swimsuit. Needless to say, the latter photo had the audience going crazy. The photo shows a James Bond-like shot of Gong Yoo emerging in his tight swimming trunks out of the water, pulling off his swimming eyeglasses.

From swimming, the topic of conversation naturally shifted to sports and injuries. Gong Yoo revealed that one of his little fingers is broken and he is unable to move it much to make it straight. Another photo showed Gong Yoo playing flying fox. The actor said he was quite afraid of it initially and told his manager, he didn't want to do it. However, the actor added with a laugh that once he began moving, he was enjoying the experience much. As for baseball, Gong Yoo proved that he was still good at the game, managing to throw the ball into boxes covered with paper, on the stage.

Gong Yoo's guests on stage were singer My Q and actress Gong Hyo-jin, who each had an interesting story to share about the 'Goblin' star. My Q joked that he has never seen any man apply as much body lotion as Gong Yoo, prompting laughter from the audience as well as Gong Yoo. My Q said he travels with Gong Yoo often.

Gong Hyo-jin revealed that both she and Gong Yoo like to talk and eventually became close friends. The actress has also paid a lot of attention to her friend's physique as she revealed Gong Yoo has broad shoulders, good fingers, small face and that he looks cute. She also added that he's a serious person but is full of enthusiasm and has a willingness to listen to others' opinions and stories, to which Gong Yoo nodded with a smile.

Gong Yoo also wished a fan on his 29th birthday, saying he knows it isn't easy to live life at 19, 29 and 39 years of age; perhaps referring to a subplot of 'Goblin' where it was revealed that such ages pose the most risk for an individual. When a female fan said Gong Yoo is her ideal type of husband, the actor jokingly asked whether she had applied for him as her husband; like filling a form. However, he quickly told her that she is young and should just think about exploring and enjoying life first and gather a lot of experience.

This article was first published on May 8, 2017