If you are among those who think that the S$ 3,088 asking price for the Samsung Galaxy Fold is a little too high then you are going to love this new smartphone accessory that will help you convert your iPhone, or any Samsung smartphone for that matter, into a Samsung Galaxy Fold-like folding smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Fold set to hit stores in late April 2019.Samsung Mobile Press
Samsung Galaxy Fold set to hit stores in late April 2019. Samsung Mobile Press

The interesting new product in question is called Castaway and it is listed on crowdfunding website Indiegogo.com The "ultimate smartphone accessory" as it is being billed on the website is essentially a mini-tablet that attaches to your smartphone and turns it into a foldable device with two distinct displays.

And unlike the Galaxy Fold, the Castaway starts at a pretty decent price of $129 (approx S$175) for smaller sized phones such as the iPhone 11 Pro, and $139 (S$189 approx.) for larger screen phones like the Galaxy Note series and the iPhone Plus and Max phones. The fantastic new accessory has been created by Ken Mages who is a 40-year veteran in the electronics industry, and promises to be a breakthrough productivity device, but the only caveat is that it's still on funding and won't be deliverable until 2020. Also bear in mind that the price is an Early Bird offer so it could change as time passes.

A second screen for your smartphone like no other

The Castaway isn't just an secondary screen sporting snap-on like the one that comes bundled with the LG G8X, but rather a fully functional mini-table that runs Chrome OS and comes equipped with 4 gigs of RAM and 32GB of eMMC storage on board. Furthermore, it is powered by a six-core CPU. The smaller one has a display size of 5.8 inches and is compatible with most devices on the market, ranging from the iPhone 6 and above and the Galaxy S7 and above, while the bigger one with a 6.3-inch display size can accommodate larger phones such as iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung's Galaxy Note series phones from Note 7 onward.

The Castaway acts like a second screen to pour smartphone Indiegogo

As mentioned before the Castaway is a fully functional mini-tablet which you can either be attached to a phone magnetically or can be used as a standalone tablet as well. It features two cameras, two USB Type-C ports, a microSD Card slot, a 3.5mm audio jack and a 35Whr battery, and if that wasn't enough, it also comes with a stylus.

When using with your phone the Castaway works via an all called MultiTask+ which enables the mini-tablet to connect to your phone over Bluetooth or WiFi and this converts it into a mini laptop-like device, or rather a cheaper Samsung Galaxy Fold alternative. The Castaway mini-tablet can be ordered online here.