A video of a woman launching a racist rant against a Latino man employed as a maintenance worker at the Mission Dolores Park in San Francisco is being widely circulated on social media.

The clip, recorded by the man, starts off with the woman taking down what appears to be a "closed" sign at the entrance of the Helen Diller Playground at the popular park before approaching him.

"This is a non-constitutional, unlawful taking of public property," she says as she walks towards him with a scissor in one hand (presumably to cut down the barricading rope).

"Please do not approach me with the scissors," the worker tells her repeatedly, to which she responds, "I'm not chasing you, you dumb sheep!"

She then rambles on about how hospitals are killing thousands of people with a ventilator.

'We Paid For This Park'

racist woman at San Francisco Park
A still from the video that is being circulated on social media. A still from the video that is being circulated on social media.

"Don't you dare shut this park!" she tells the staff member. "We paid for this park! You don't get to take our property."

"We paid for it," she says repeatedly before calling him a "negress," which is Latin for "black."

"Go back to wherever the hell you came from," she continues. "Stop trying to steal the property we paid for. This is our property. You don't get to take it."

Ironically, the Mission Dolores Park originally belonged to the Ohlone tribe of American Indians, who inhabited the area for several centuries before Spanish missionaries arrived in 1776 to establish the nearby Mission Dolores.

Gets Kicked Out by Park Security

The video then shows a park security guard arriving at the scene and asking the woman to stop taking down the signs.

"You want this?" she asks the guard referring to the barricade rope she's holding before she's asked the leave the park.

"Please remove your scissors and yourself from the property," the guard tells her and the clip ends with her cowering and saying "okay."

Watch the full video below: