Girl band Twice shares experience on living in dorm with nine members

South Korean all girl band, Twice, consists of nine members.

South Korean girl band, Twice. Facebook/Twice

South Korean girl band Twice is relishing their not-so-alone time at the dorm allotted by their label ,JYP Entertainment. The nine member band is reportedly living together and the members know each other inside out.

The idols recently opened up about their nine-member live-in scenario. Sharing details, the members revealed: "All nine members are living in the same house. There are five rooms in the house, but one is a room for clothes and one is for our manager unnie. The members use three of the rooms. The members naturally split. Tzuyu, Dahyun, and Chaeyoung, who go to school, share one room; Jungyeon and Momo use the smallest room; and Jihyo, Nayeon, Mina, and Sana use one room."

The girls further disclosed that their dorm is a quite noisy place with members seemingly involved in one or another activity: "The room is noisy. Someone is talking, someone is singing, and someone is even talking on the phone."

Meanwhile, the 19-year-old idol Mina shared her observation on sleeping beauties. She revealed: "When you ask Jihyo who she was talking to on the phone in the morning, she replies that she didn't do that. She couldn't even remember that she picked up her phone while asleep and talked on it. Also, when someone laughs next to Nayeon while she's sleeping, she laughs with that person. She even sang while asleep. Recently, she sang BTS's 'Fire," she revealeed.