Get these iOS apps while they're still free

Here's a list of premium iOS apps that you can download now for free.

free ios apps

A new bunch of iOS apps is now up for sale, and this time, the batch is packed with most useful ones. From an app that will help you make sound decisions to an app that will remove your photo's native location, here are premium iOS apps that you can download now for free.

Best Decision

Best Decision will surely be your new best friend. This app helps you decide which laptop model to buy, or city to visit, or airline to book from, and so much more. With its unique algorithm, the app will provide you objective reasons for your options so that you can make the right choice. It uses three-step staircase method wherein you can select all of your choices, filter them with desired criteria, and the relevance of each option to all of your criteria. Download Best Decision here.

Focus Keeper

This app helps you keep tabs of your productivity and encourages you to work with time and not against it. Focus Keeper works by setting 25 minutes with 5-minute breaks in between. How does it work? Select tasks to be done within 25 minutes (focus sessions). While you are on the job, the app rings after every focus sessions and asks you to relax for 5 minutes. Once all four sessions were completed, the app urges you take a longer time to relax and do other activities. Download Focus Keeper here.


Photos have Exif data that includes the location. NoLocation is an app that enables users to remove the photos' data through extraction. After eliminating the native location of the photo, the share tab will automatically launch so that you can directly post or send your photo via social media, email, messaging, etc. Download NoLocation here.


Use Storm to listen to the most relaxing sounds of rain and storms. This app helps you concentrate on whatever you do—study, sleep, or just relax. Storm is more than just predictable audio loops of storms as you will have the ability to customise it according to your liking. It can also record natural rain and storm elements. Download Storm here.

This article was first published on July 29, 2017