Georgia High School Teacher Tells Students Breonna Taylor Was Responsible for her Death, Under Investigation [VIDEO]

A Forensics Science teacher at the Pebblebrook High School in Mableton, Georgia made the controversial comments during a Zoom class.

A Georgia high school teacher is under investigation after telling students during a virtual class that Breonna Taylor was responsible for her death because she was hanging out with a "criminal."

Susan McCoy, a forensics science teacher at Pebblebrook High School in the Cobb County School District in Mableton, Georgia, has sparked outrage on social media after she was caught on camera making the controversial comments.

'You're Likely to Get Caught in the Crossfire'

Susan McCoy
Stills from the video that is being circulated on social media. Instagram

In the clip, McCoy can be heard saying, "I'm sorry she was killed but if you hang out with people with guns that shoot at cops you're likely to get caught in the crossfire." She goes on to mention she is referring to "what's her name? Breonna something – the one that was killed in the gunfire from the cops."

"She was hanging out with the guy who was wanted on charges. They [police] knocked and he fired at them and they fired back. You know if you hang out with people who are criminals, and they shoot at a cop, you're likely to get caught in the crossfire," she continues. "It does not matter what color your skin is, you're likely to get caught in the crossfire."

"I'm sorry she die-it's sad but she put herself in that position by hanging out with somebody she shouldn't have been with," McCoy adds before the students pointed out to her that she was with her boyfriend and the officers came to the wrong house.

"Wait, didn't he fire the first shot though?" she asks. "No, nobody shot anything. The cops shot first" a male student responds. However, McCoy doubled down on her claim that the police opened fire citing "proof" that Taylor's companion fired the first shot, prompting the student to urge the teacher to change the conversation. "Let's talk about science, please," he asks. Watch the video below:

The Breonna Taylor Shooting

Taylor, a 26-year-old EMT and aspiring nurse was fatally shot by police on March 13 in Louisville, Kentucky, while executing a no-knock search warrant. Taylor's boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, was inside the apartment when the officers forced their way in as part of an investigation into drug dealing operations shortly after midnight.

Breonna Taylor
African-American emergency technician, 26, was shot dead by Louisville police on March 13, this year. Twitter

Police believed Taylor's former boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover, was was involved in a drug ring and had used her apartment to hide narcotics. Officers claimed they announced themselves before barging into the house but Walker said he did not hear the announcement, mistook the officers for intruders, and fired a warning shot.

According to officials, the bullet hit Mattingly in the leg, and the officers responded with gunfire, firing a total of 32 shots. Walker was unhurt but Taylor was killed after being hit with six bullets.

Social Media Reactions and Investigation

After the video went viral, McCoy drew criticism on social media over her "inappropriate" comments and urged the school to fire the teacher.

"This is wrong. The teacher is wrong. Breonna Taylor's boyfriend was not a criminal. It was an ex that the police tied to her through dubious claims to get the warrant. I hope @CobbSchools does something about this. The teacher is spreading lies AND hatred," wrote one user.

"This woman needs to be fired. She is ignorant, uninformed and insincere. She's not one bit sorry about Breonna Taylor's death. This is shameful and I can't believe students had to endure this," commented another.

Pebblebrook High School
Pebblebrook High School in Mableton, Georgia. Twitter

In the wake of the backlash, the Cobb County School District released a statement saying, "The District is aware of the allegations, is investigating, and will follow any relevant District policy. As a District, we expect every member of our staff to treat each other with respect and understanding.