George Floyd Protester Robert Forbes Hit by Car Dies, Video shows White Driver Smoking as Man Bleeds

His nephew, Rob Lew, in a Facebook post alleged that the driver of the car, who was a white male had deliberately targeted Forbes

A California man who was in his fifties and part of the George Floyd protest has died days after he was hit by a car in Bakersfield.

His nephew, Rob Lew, in a Facebook post alleged that the driver of the car, who was a white male had deliberately targeted Forbes, an account that has been challenged both by police and eyewitnesses.

Robert Forbes
Robert Forbes

On his Facebook Lew wrote: "As the vehicle head lights were off and accelerated before intentionally colliding into Robert Forbes. Suspects attempted to flee as other protesters chased and followed the car!When Bakersfield Police Department arrived on scene they allowed the suspects to have a cigarette while shielding them from protesters! They also only took suspects statements and REFUSED TO TAKE WITNESSES ACCOUNTS!!!!!! "

Lew wrote on Facebook: "I am asking you all to stand with my family and myself as we demand justice for my uncle Robert Forbes."

Since the investigation in the matter is still ongoing, the Police have not arrested the driver. The Bakersfield police said they have access to the video filmed by a community member.

driver who ran over Robert Forbes

According to Bakersfield Now: The police stated that the car that struck Robert Forbes its headlights were on and was traveling at a speed consistent with the flow of traffic. The driver of the car was not found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the police said.

A video from the accident scenes shows Robert Forbes lying on the road bleeding, while the bystanders rush to help him. Another video posted online shows, the driver of the car being protected by the police. The footage shows the police are seen checking the driver for any signs of being under the influence before he takes out a cigarette.

Keith Moore on Facebook

The driver of the car that hit Robert Forbes took to Facebook and offered his version of the events. The post, however, since has been deleted.

In the Facebook Post, Keith Moore, explained that he was unaware that a protested was going on the area and said he did not intentionally run over Forbes with his car.

Moore also said that he wanted to visit Robert Forbes in the hospital but was advised against doing so for the safety of his family.

Bakersfield Police is still investigating and are asking for any witnesses to come forward. Anyone with any information is asked to call (661) 327-7111.