Gen-Z Antics: Student Goes Viral For Joining Classes With Different WWE Entrances [VIDEO]

West Virginia high school student, Farris Murad, 17, goes viral for his several 'epic' entrances to his virtual classes.

Online classes are the new normal for students. And some students have already found ways to make them more interesting. Take the case of West Virginia high school student, Farris Murad, 17, who has gone viral for his several 'epic' entrances to his virtual classes.

The compilation of Murad's creative entries to his classes went viral after ESPN's SportsCenter account the video on its Instagram handle. Murad can be seen joining his history class using epic WWE entrances made popular by John Cena, Randy Orton, and The Undertaker, among others. The clip has since gained popularity with over 300,000 likes and more than 27,000 comments.

Screengrab / Instagram / @SportsCenter

For Murad however, it was something he did for fun, "Honestly, I had no intention of it being a big hit," he told In The Know. "It was really just a fun little thing I started doing, and everyone liked it. I just thought of it one day before class and it stuck," he added.

"The Hero We Didn't Know We Needed"

Murad just wanted to spice things up for his class of a handful of students who had no option but to attend online classes like many others due to the pandemic. "I feel like they loved it," he said when asked how his classmates and teachers reacted to it, "It was just a fun little thing to start the class off," he added.

Social media users, however, could not get enough of Murad's antics. One user went on to call him "The hero we need but [don't] deserve", while another called him "the real MVP."

Murad, who has only made five "WWE entrances" so far, revealed that he has yet to do his favorite wrestler, Rey Mysterio's entrance. "He was just that wild dude that was flying through the air taking people out, how could you not love that ?" said Murad.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Murad took to TikTok recently to announce that he will no longer be able to carry out any more of his 'entrances' due to school guidelines.

Having Fun Is The New Normal

Murad, however, is not the only student who has added a little humor to online classes. Earlier this year, Wittenberg University's English class made headlines when professor Mike Mattinson's bored 19-year-old son Lucas decided to pop up in the background dressed in several different costumes including a wetsuit and a graduation gown and cap. What made it funnier is that the professor continued to teach the class as if nothing was happening while Lucas was acting out scenes in the background.

Lucas Mattinson
Lucas Mattinson

Twitter has many such stories of teacher's children interrupting virtual sessions according to The Daily Mail, "during a Zoom conference, a professor's son appeared in a T-rex mask and pretended to bite him and his only reaction was, 'Oh no. I'm dead.' and that's about how online school is going at this point," a young woman reportedly wrote.