Geared in a hazmat suit Vladimir Putin visits hospital treating Coronavirus patients

The Moscow Mayor accompanying Putin said that the actual number of Covid-19 cases is unclear

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the main hospital for the Covid-19 patients IN Russia on Tuesday, March 24. Putin along with the Mayor of Moscow visited the Komunarka hospital in Moscow where several Covid-19 patients are admitted.

The President wore protective gear and a respiratory mask while visiting the hospital. The Russian government is building a coronavirus hospital which is on its path to completion. The president appreciated the medics during his visit as well. Putin also mentioned the work ethic of the health care providers and even talked about the Russian system to tackle the novel coronavirus.

The Moscow mayor told the Russian President that the cases in Moscow might be far more than the official figures that are being recorded. The country has officially reported around 495 cases which are less compared to the reports from major cities in Russia.

Full understanding of the situation in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin visits hospital
Russian President Vladimir Putin visits hospital Twitter Grab/ @Brasco_Aad

Putin's visit to the hospital has come after several criticisms followed the Kremlin from the health experts. The President donning the bright yellow suit was appreciated by the people on Twitter as he walked the frontlines to check on the situation.

When Sergei Sobyanin told the President about the situation in Moscow, there were clear indications of the lack of knowledge about the complete situation in the city. Putin has continued to tell the media that the situation is under control. The government closed nightclubs, cinemas and children's entertainment centres on Tuesday in order to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Testing for Covid-19 in Russia is comparatively less and according to reports many of the people returning to Moscow is self-isolating in their homes without testing.

The building of a coronavirus hospital in Russia

Russia is also on the path to building a hospital for coronavirus patients if the situation goes out of hand. According to reports the hospital has finished around 40 percent in the span of 12 days. The massive project has several workers working round the clock to finish the construction as the number of coronavirus patients increases in the country.

The 861,113 square feet complex Is set to take in the patients from next month onwards. The hospital will contain more than 600 beds.

Around 5,000 construction workers are on-site to complete the project which started on March 12. Russia's actual battle against the coronavirus is unknown but, the country has adopted some strict measures to fight the coronavirus according to reports. The country is watching the quarantined through facial recognition in Moscow. The new technology came out before the pandemic came to the country. Thousands of people are confined to their homes in Moscow for the 14-day compulsory quarantine.

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