Gary will not be seen in Running Man for the time being, confirms source

Gary will be focusing on his album production.

Kang Gary
Kang Gary Facebook/kanggary

South Korean rapper Gary will not be making an appearance on the popular show Running Man, for the time being, a source close to the celebrity has confirmed.

The representative from Gary's side also revealed the rapper's upcoming plans of continuing with his albums. According to AllKpop, the source said: "He'll temporarily halt broadcast promotions and focus on his album production. After leaving 'Running Man', he has not set any schedules for future broadcast appearances. His album production is continuing to progress. He's giving his music more focus since his departure [from 'Running Man']."

However, the person also clarified that the rapper is not currently looking forward to set a release date and will share the news with his fans whenever a good outcome is made.

Gary was involved with Running Man for the past seven years. Recently he spoke about his feeling about leaving the show in an event in Taiwan.

"My heart is sorry that I could not be with the 'Running Man' members until the end. Although I've left the program, I did my best on the show. It hasn't been long since I've left the show so I don't quite feel it yet, but next week when the time comes around that I'm usually filming, I think I will feel empty," he said while speaking to his fans.