'Game of Thrones' actor Maisie Williams' private Facebook pics stolen: Here's how to avoid such leaks

Maisie Williams private topless photos are hacked and leaked online.

Maisie Williams
Maisie Williams instagram.com/maisie_williams

By now it must be common knowledge that 'Game of Thrones' actor Maisie Williams' private photos showing her relaxing topless, have been stolen and leaked online. The candid photos of the 'Game of Thrones' star were only intended to be seen by her inner circle of friends on Facebook but the hackers got the better of her. This incident as well as leaks of personal photos of other celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence in the past highlights the issue of online security.

The message is clear – Facebook or social media in general might not be a safe place to share risqué photos. Of course, there was always a threat to privacy in a social media platform, especially to celebrities. Digging through various layers of password protection is too easy for hackers who stand to financially or otherwise benefit from leaking such provocative pictures on the internet or to gossip magazines, etc.

The best way for any Facebook user, be that a celebrity, is to altogether avoid posting any such content on social media that could turn become an embarrassment to them in the future or could lead to public censure or harassment. People tend to be very judgemental when it comes to stars as they are supposed to be some type of role models. As if they somehow have the responsibility to behave in a particular manner, which they don't. They are, like us, vulnerable human beings.

Of course, Facebook can tighten online security measures to ensure more privacy and security for its users, especially for stars who have a higher risk from the paparazzi, fans, stalkers, hackers and the like. But it's almost certain that hackers will find a way around for their nefarious desires.

Back in the days before social media, Facebook, Orkut or Twitter; back when photography was limited to celluloid film, things were much simpler, and more private. Not only did it take time to develop prints, except for Polaroid images, but people could share intimate, crazy freeze frames of their frivolities among friends and no one else would know. Millenials today, who spend a major portion of their day chatting, texting, Instagramming or tweeting, would have lots of difficulty imagining such a world.

So, celebrities would do well to keep their most personal moments to themselves and exchange or share photos privately and in-person, rather than pressing that upload button on Facebook or other social media platforms. Because sometimes, the old ways are the best and safest, especially for the likes of brave and fearless Arya Stark.

This article was first published on December 12, 2016
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