Galaxy Note 7: Samsung offers fire-proof boxes for returning used and second-hand units

Note 7 owners can now avail direct exchange or refund from Samsung on returning used and second-hand units.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 starts smoking on board, prompting evacuation of US plane
Samsung offers fire-proof boxes for returning used and second-hand units Reuters

Galaxy Note 7 users who bought their phone from an official carrier or retail partner can now return the units directly to Samsung for an exchange or full refund. As the handset has been out in the market for a considerable time, the used and second-hand units of the device cannot be returned to the source of purchase.

Consequently, Samsung has come to the rescue of second-hand Note 7 users to eliminate any confusion and chaos that could arise with the buyer while trying to contact the original seller outside the warranty period or without proof of purchase.

Here is what the company said in a recent press statement regarding its direct-exchange offer, following the battery-explosion debacle with the Note 7:

"Any customer who bought a Note7 [used] should contact us directly at 1-844-365-6197 to exchange their device. We are working as quickly as possible to make the service experience for our customers as quick and smooth as possible and we are grateful to our Note7 customers for their patience during this time."

Galaxy Note 7
Samsung offers fire-proof boxes for safe return of Galaxy Note 7 units YouTube

In related news, Samsung has taken some precautionary measures to facilitate a safe return-process for the fire-prone flagship handset. The company is now shipping fire-proof boxes and gloves to the customer for enabling risk-free returns of the ill-fated handset.

It seems like the Note 7 maker has gone overboard with its safety measures as far as the handset return process is concerned. Nevertheless, the customers could make good use of thermally insulated box along with a set of fire-proof gloves to make the handling of the handset absolutely safe.

After the recent ban imposed on Note 7 phones in airplanes, Samsung has taken another safety measure with a sticker-label pasted on the box stating that the package is "forbidden for transport by aircraft."

Check out the demo video depicting Samsung's explosion-proof Note 7 return packaging (courtesy XDA Developers via YouTube):

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