Gabby Petito's Parents Get Matching Tattoos in Her Memory and Urge Brian Laundrie to Turn Himself In

All four parents showed their new tattoos on their arms that read: "Let it be", a replica of the one that Petito had on her arm.

The grieving family of Gabby Petito revealed on Tuesday that they have all got matching tattoos in honor of their slain daughter and also called on her fugitive boyfriend Brian Laundrie to turn himself in. Petito's biological parents, Joseph Petitio and Nicole Schmidt, and their spouses Tara Petito and Jim Schmidt, showed off matching designs on their forearms at a press conference on Tuesday.

The family was also joined by their lawyer on Long Island in front of the media for the first time since the body of Petito was found in Wyoming on September 19. Meanwhile, police have been continuing their search for her Laundrie, who has been on the lam for almost two weeks now.

Special Tribute for Slain Daughter

Gabby Petito
Gabby Petito Instagram

All four parents showed their new tattoos on their arms that read: "Let it be." The tattoo is a replica of the one that Petito had on her arm. Besides, the family also got tattoos that were designed by Petito. "These were tattoos that Gabby designed herself," stepfather Jim Schmidt said. "She was an artist."

Each of the parents also wore a blue ribbon on their chest in honor of their slain daughter. The parents said they all decided all of a sudden on Monday to get the tattoos and that each are based on Gabby's mantra and designs.

Petito Tattoo
Gabby Petito's mother and father showing unveiling their tattoos Twitter

"I wanted to have her with me at all times. I feel this helps that," a tearful Schmidt said displaying the new ink. The parents who faced the press for the first time since Petito's body was found also announced a new foundation created in her name, which is aimed at helping families of missing persons.

Urging Laundrie to Surrender

Stafford described the 22-year-old as a "bright light in everyone's life that knew her" and said the family now hopes to bring good from the tragedy with the Gabby Petito Foundation.

"We've received letters, emails, cards, from all over the world. From Australia, from Europe; we had people from Italy," Stafford said.

The mourning parents all called on Laundrie to turn himself in and urged his parents to help them in their son's search. "The Laundries did not help us find Gabby. They sure aren't going to help us find Brian," said Stafford. "For Brian, we're asking you to turn yourself in to the FBI or the nearest law enforcement organization."

Gabby Petito with Brian Laundrie
Gabby Petito with her boyfriend Brian Laundrie during the road trip Instagram

Laundrie disappeared on September 17, a day after he was named a person of interest and two days before Petito's body was found in Wyoming. Since then there have been innumerable tips on his sightings and despite an extensive search, police have failed to trace him.

On Monday, the attorney of the Laundrie family released a statement dismissing claims that his parents may have helped him flee and said they are "concerned" for their son. This comes amid claims that Laundrie may have been using a burner phone to communicate with his mother after he left his phone back home.